Come Dance the Night Away at the Rock N Roll Soiree

Every Jewish holiday has a tone. Some are super-serious and religiously based, others are private family-oriented gatherings and still others are communal celebrations that envelop friends outside the reach of the Jewish community. Purim is one such occasion! Every March the story of Queen Esther is told and the Jewish people are mandated to enjoy themselves! It’s an honorable request especially as the snows of winter begin to melt and the sun pokes through reminding us that joy of friends and evenings out are upon us.

On March 25th the Newburgh Jewish Community Center invites YOU (yes, you) to join in the merriment at 290 North St. Popular cover band Cloud NYne (a favorite in the Newburgh night scene) will lead us to dance, drink and dine the night away. Boozy milkshakes and gourmet veggie burgers will be served (kosher laws observed). And, someone will win an electric guitar. Student dancers will be there to teach everyone some dance moves and a King and Queen of the dancefloor will be crowned. It promises to be a very fun evening with great company and a fabulous live band. The JCC events are open to the whole community and I hope you will join us for a fun night. 7:30 – 10:30 PM March 25th, 2017 $35/per person.

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