Hire FISH window cleaners - Support Women Building Skills in Non-Traditional Fields

YWCA Orange County Receives Donation of New Car from WEL Foundation.

John F. Luedke is the president of the Walter and Edward Luedke Memorial Foundation. The WEL Foundation was established in 1993, in memory of the passing of John’s two brothers. This personal loss profoundly affected the course of John’s life. In 1983, Walter, suffering from depression, took his own life, then, in 1990 Eddie died from the AIDS virus.

Seeking a way to make sense of the loss, John decided he wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. As his first gesture, John organized a golf outing in memory of Walter, with all proceeds donated to the Orange County Suicide Hotline. Thus, the Walter Luedke Memorial Golf Classic was created and has been held annually since 1993. Proceeds raised from the Golf Classic are used to help local causes and charities, with an emphasis on assisting children, the disabled and infirm, and on improving arts and cultural opportunities in the community at large.

In honor of Eddie, John created the Edward Luedke Memorial Scholarship, which is presented annually to a high school graduate (or graduates) who has demonstrated academic excellence and will be continuing his or her education in the fields of health or medicine.

The world's a little brighter now for YWCA Orange County's FISH Window Cleaning business thanks to the generous support from John Luedke. Luedke, working in partnership with Middletown Honda, secured a great deal on a new Honda CRV and is covering the lease expenses for the vehicle that will be used by YWCA's job training program for women who are seeking job skills and employment in a non-traditional career field.

The new car will be used by FISH Window Cleaning Services' sales team to help sell their window cleaning services throughout Orange County. Use of this vehicle by the FISH team will directly benefit women seeking to become more financially independent, as well as their families.

YWCA Orange County purchased the FISH Window Cleaning franchise in 2010 to help women in Orange County increase their job skills and their income potential by working in a career not traditionally held by women.

"We are exceptionally grateful to John Luedke and the WEL Foundation for the generous donation of a new vehicle," said Christine Sadowski YWCA Orange County, Executive Director. "Using this car will allow the FISH Window Cleaning sales team to more cost effectively cover a larger territory as they work to sell the services to private and commercial customers throughout Orange County. For FISH, more sales means more women that can receive training  and the opportunity to increase their income potential in a non-traditional field," added Sadowski. 

For more information about YWCA Orange County call 561-8050.

To obtain an estimate from FISH window cleaning contact 245-4240.


YWCA Orange County is a feminist, anti-racist, social justice organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. YWCA offers programs addressing economic empowerment, racial justice, women’s health, violence against women, and community collaboration. They have been serving the people of Orange County since 1888.

Headlining Photo: John Luedke and the WEL Foundation helped YWCA Orange County's FISH Window Cleaning Services get on the road and increase sales and opportunities for their non-traditional women's work training and employment program. Pictured are: Stu Berkeley, Middletown Honda General Manager; Gay Ann Puleo, Fish Window Cleaning at the YWCA Operations Manager; Christine Sadowski, YWCA Orange County Executive Director; John Luedke, WEL Foundation; Conrad Miller, Middletown Honda Sales Consultant.