Life Skills Series: Financial Well-being 101

There are some things they just don't teach in school. Finances are one of them. Two local business professionals who have crossed out paths in networking circles and seminars have offered to help guide us and all of you in the fundamentals of financial health for business AND personal through a Happy Hudson Valley web series exclusive! Check out the video premiere:



Howie Gershman is a teacher, guide, and coach for individuals and families about the fundamental concepts behind “how money works”. These concepts are not taught in school. Through education and by offering a customized financial strategy, my clients finally experience the peace of mind they’ve always longed for knowing that they’re on the correct path to achieving their financial goals and financial independence. Contact Phone Number 845-531-9222 and email: 

Trista Polo is an Internet Business Consultant for She helps local businesses and consumers get the most out of the internet. Connect with Trista at

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