Local 3D printer Shares His Low-Cost Gift Ideas

In a world of two-dimensional printing limitations and the never-ending procession of fast-draining ink cartridges a new life-off-the paper is emerging quietly behind closed doors in advanced thinking work spaces. 3-D printing is an emerging market of machines, fillers and designs. A life incarnate replica of a multitude of forward thinking concepts that is honestly a bit hard to grasp at this point in the printing game. At least for me. 

Some machines are so advanced that they can literally take a metal wrench into their scanning sites, and produce through printing a fully usable -nearly to scale (within 40 microns) replica that bears weight and even purpose. 

I think a visual is in order:



I would like to reiterate Mike Massimino's sentiment, "This changes everything."

Ed Hebel works high on the hill in the Orange County Business Accelerator. The 10,000 square foot office space nestled at New York International Plaza behind Stewart Airport is home to many innovative and start-up businesses. The accelerator boasts low-cost suite space and cubicle style amenities as well as access to a 35-person conference room equipped with an integrated video-conferencing system. Each year the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp (also a resident of the OCBA) chooses one pet-project to sponsor with subsidized workspace. This year they picked Ed's company - Free Thought Designs - to spend 2013 working on starting up his business model with the help of the Accelerator's vast resource network. 

Hebel is a secondary career entrepreneur, having spent over 5 years prior to kickstarting Free Thought Designs, working as an industrial engineer. He obtained A BA in 2008 from University of Central Florida. I know what you're thinking, YES, he worked for the mouse albeit briefly as a lifeguard as Typhoon Lagoon. But, he arrived back to his hometown Highland Mills, NY shortly after graduating. Hebel wasted no time getting waist deep in what he describes as 'messy hands-on fabrication work' at a ball-bearing plant. Before long a sense of urgency and inability to progress within his career overcame him. 

So, he started to save up his money. Before long he had over 5k saved up waiting to be spent. He purchased one printer, than a second. Before long he had four 3-D printers and a lot of good ideas. He finally quit his job in 2012. He has spent 2013 been working diligently to grow his company. And, he's never been happier. Having the freedom to create and invent a marketable commodity has given Hebel an open invitation to revolutionize his sales objectives through places like Amazon and his own eCommerce website

His niche is on the cutting edge.

And, now what you've all been waiting for: the pièce de résistance: 

Hebel is selling his pieces for under $5 each. And, he has some really novel concepts. His biggest hit to date is a custom EZ Pass holder that brightens up the day for all who travel with it. 

And, he's learned a lot this year thanks to his sweet office space deal, like how to market, networking (he works with the Orange County Chamber Young Professionals) and learning the business mindset which tells him to be successful he's going to have to continuously work smarter, not harder. He's always looking for new places to market his product, and the sale price is right! 

There are size limitations with Free Thought Design's operation (5" x 5" x 5") and high resolution can be problemtic. But, that hasn't stopped Hebel from trying every combination that color, print and concept will allow. Check him out online.

The EZ Pass holders make a great stocking stuffer! ($4.50 - $5.00 each/shipping $2.69/$3.00)