Top Ten Reasons I Love a Bridal Show

So you're always a bridesmaid..never a bride. Wait. Forget that. Bride or not the status of your love life is not actually important. If you have a love for beautiful things, like a good party and have romance in your range then take part in, endure and indulge in the pre-wedding season tradition of the delightful, demonstrative bridal show. 

Last weekend Anthony's Pier 9 played host to several hundred visitors (I don't have exact numbers but based on the parking spaces people were making up I would guess conservatively 500 people showed up). Party people combined with a packed-house of wedding/party/pastry vendors made for a seriously fun event. Diamonds are not a pre-requisite for entry. The areas best party planner,s photographers, DJ companies and more were all there. There was even a game show mid-event where someone won cash just for showing up. Believe me I'm not usually keen on hype bride or no bride and large crowds occasionally overwhelm me, but this was different. This was delicious. This was awesome. The best part? $5 at the door -- great deal.

Top ten reasons to love a bridal show: 

10. Hoards of mini cupcakes.

9. Running into old friends who are also patrolling the wedding scene for the happiest of reasons.

8. Familiar voices from the radio incarnate.

k104's Brian Stylez -- also Stylez DJ -- showing his best-of awards! Better book him soon, he's already filling up dates in 2015


7. Celebrity sightings.

K104's Bill Beale


6. Raffles and chances to win cool stuff just for showing up.

Kyle from Cornwall competes for cash at Anthony's Bridal Game show

5. Photo booths

(Taking ridiculous selfie's comes highly recommended)


4. Free food and great hospitality

3. All that sparkles.

2. Beautiful wedding things to dream about and pine over.


1. Chocolate poureth from the ceilings. 



Plus I got to meet Kacey (on the radio) from WHUD and she was so awesome and happy and loved the idea of a positive news website. A little bit of happy goes a long way!

Here's the car I was telling you about: 

It gets us everywhere we need to go thanks to our friends at Morehead Honda. Look for more Bridal Events on the social calendar! See you there.