Village of Ossining Welcomes New Artisanal Businesses

The word “artisanal” could soon mean more than simple handicrafts under a proposed text amendment to the zoning code of the Village of Ossining. Under the expanded definition, the Village would open its doors to businesses in craft brewing and distilling, small batch confectionary-making, frozen dessert-making (gelato, ice cream) and others.

The purpose of the change is to attract new tenants to some of Ossining’s business districts.

Mayor Victoria Gearity notes, “This proposed amendment is in response to a conversation with an Ossining commercial property owner. Working with our land use boards and property owners to ensure that zoning laws support current businesses, while streamlining the pathway for new businesses, is critical for growing a more vibrant local economy.”

Artisan work is currently defined in the Ossining code as production of art, sculpture and similar items that require hand tools or machines. The code specifies that enterprises could not produce “noxious noises, odors, vibrations, or fumes.”

The Village Board of Trustees, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Historic Preservation, Environmental Advisory Council and Downtown Development Fund Council met recently to consider the zoning text amendment. The Board of Trustees is scheduled to discuss moving forward with the text amendment at their November 10 public work session held at 7:30pm at Village Hall, 16 Croton Avenue in Ossining.

For more information on the Village of Ossining, please contact the Village Manager’s Office at 914-941-3554 or visit

About the Village of Ossining
On April 2, 1813, the Village of Ossining became the first incorporated village in Westchester County to be state-chartered. Today, Ossining is a culturally diverse, affordable place to live, rich in both history and natural beauty. Approximately 25,600 people reside in the three and one half square miles of this historic Village on the Hudson River, which boasts extensive shopping, recreational programs, educational enrichment opportunities, and excellent municipal services. Ossining’s role in New York’s heritage has been recognized by its inclusion, as one of only 14 areas, in an Urban Cultural Park System designed to attract visitors to the State. Visit for more information.