DIY Greek Yogurt

Certain words evoke an irritating but justifiable markup. Words like: trans-fat, sugar-free, whole grain and special edition allow companies to start adding their dollar signs because everyone wants in on the latest thing. Trends create this opportunity and also special events that have a stigma for expense attached to them (I avoided the word wedding in as many transactions as possible over the last few months to avoid ridiculous fees). Greek Yogurt is one trend is hitting pockets. A few cents here and there can really add up especially when it's your go-to for lunch everyday. Something about that taste differential makes plain old yogurt so much more exciting.  Our DIY girl Theresa did some digging for us and found out that the Greek-style can be copied at home.. So save your dollars! Here we go.. 

By Theresa Rockabirdie
Did you know you can make Greek Yogurt yourself? It's easy and economical! While a little 5oz container of Greek yogurt is about $1.50 (and often contains other unnecessary ingredients to make the yogurt thicker), you can make a giant container of Greek Yogurt for about $2.50. Here's how!

What You'll Need:

  • 32oz container of yogurt (can be full fat, low-fat, flavored, plain, etc)
  • Fine mesh strainer / fine cheesecloth and colander
  • Large bowl


If you're using the strainer, lay strainer across the bowl and spoon your yogurt into it.

If you're using a cheesecloth, line a colander with the cheesecloth and fit it into the bowl. Spoon your yogurt into it.

Refrigerate for about 6 hours. The bowl will have collected the whey that has separated from the yogurt. (Don't throw out the whey! It's nutritious and you can use substitute it for the water or milk in recipes like pizza dough, pancakes, and smoothies.) Spoon your Greek Yogurt into a container. Add granola and a spoonful of jam for an breakfast parfait that's ready when you are! 

There you have it! 

Happy spooning..