Gluten Free Bakery Shares Tricks of the Trade

MMMMM!! Homemade bread! The bakery, "OMG R U Sure It's Gluten Free?", in Milford, Pennsylvania invited the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County to stop by for some baking tips and tricks.  With so many people now aware of gluten sensitivities, attendees received valuable information about the dietary restriction and alternative baking solutions. The program held in conjunction with the Jewish Food Experience by Federation was hosted at Congregation Eitz Chaim in Monroe.

Facilitator Marcia Horowitz explained how her daughter’s severe stomach issues led her to exploring this new path of baking. Attendees prepared and baked Mandel bread often referred to as Jewish biscotti.

The Jewish Federation will be holding more Jewish Food Experience programs in the spring. For more information call 845-562-7860 or email Or follow them on facebook to keep up with these and many more upcoming events. 

Diane Soss prepared the bread for the oven. 

headlining photo: Joyce Waschitz, Marcia Horowitz, Leslie Green