How to Sip Starbucks While Pregnant

I realize I may be segmenting with this post, but honestly there are SO MANY ultrasounds and baby reveal announcements in my news feed on social media that I believe the time has come to shift attention to mommies-to-be. Not to take away from Dads-to-be, but the woman is the one who has to do all of the incubating, surrender her body to hormonal takeover and give up a long list of things including but not limited to: her bad caffeine habit. 

Caffeine is not off limits, but it is highly recommended that consumption remain limited to 200 milligrams or less per day. So what does that mean for coffee lovers who enjoy sipping at Starbucks?

Brewed hot coffee in Tall, Grande or Venti will all put you over the limit. But a decaf Venti has only 30mg of caffeine. If you plan to go with brewed hot, keep it to 8oz or less.

Iced coffee, perhaps because it's diluted by cubes, contains between 125 - 165 depending on whether you go Tall or Grande. Stay away from Venti which will put you over the top at 235mg.

Espresso yourself! Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and flat whites reportedly all contain espresso (a 75 mg caffeine value). Both Grande and Tall versions contain two shots, bringing the cup to a 150 mg value, which is still under that 200 mg limit. Raise your cup!

Frappucino - all varieties - comes in around 120 mg in Grande (so Tall is A-OK, too) with one exception. The Espresso Frappucino holds about 165 mg. Getting close to daily intake. 

Refreshers in any flavor—Valencia orange, cool lime, or very berry hibiscus—are under the recommended daily limit (from 35 mg to 110 mg depending on size). Great on a hot day. 

As for tea, I'm reading that sweet tea, black tea, green tea, and peach green tea are all ok in terms of caffeine. But, some research on tea suggests that certain herbs are not pregnancy friendly. So definitely check with your doctor on that! 

As always, medical advice should be the number one consideration when making decisions about how to have a healthy pregnancy.

We wish all you future parents a wonderful journey and all the happiness!