Judging Cupcake Wars on K104

On Friday, March 28th at o-eight-hundred-hours I got to live out the Hudson Valley dream, making an appearance on the K104 morning show with all of my favorite radio personalities on Woodman in the Morning. For this long-time fan of the show it was a blast and a half getting to hang in the studio with the lively bunch and see how it all goes down. I've been sworn to secrecy on the details, but I can tell you that these entertainment professionals are some of the hardest working in the business. The show is sussinct and precisely executed all the while maintaining a culture of improvision and surprise. Kate keeps the femininity in the room, Bill is the perfect antogonizer with a backbone that is unbreakable and Woodman is the Hudson Valley godfather. Robo, Diva and friends are fun to have around. It's the best way to start any day. 

Kate and Bill working three devices at once to stay on-top of breaking news

Better yet, Friday was cupcake wars! So I got to sit in from 9 - 10 AM and taste-test some of the best bakery treats this side of Brooklyn. Yes it was a huge sugar rush but I washed it down with some good old fashioned laughing out loud and it easily ranks high on a list of best-days-ever! 

Even though judging implies you have to find formal critiques in order to give a sequence to things and define preference I just want to make sure the cup-cakers know that their 4am baking escapades were well-executed and inventive. All of them! Who ever is on the receiving end of any of those delicious treats is in for a happy surprise!

Congratulations to all of the Round 2 Bakers: 

Taylor Williams - HOT FUDGE SUNDAE CUPCAKE (FIRST PLACE) I dubbed this the All American Cupcake :)

So fudgy!


Michael Carroll – Chloe Madison Creations who made a:

Tres Leche Cupcake (light and airy with real fruit on top) 


Ricki Lazaroff – Fforzals Bakery

Tropical Gluten-free cupcakes! 


Brenda Black – Studio Cupcake -  Creme Brulee & Raspberry Cupcake  (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE):



Sarah Alvarenga – Cake-A-Lotta for her Strawberry surprise cupcake:

(Strawberry cupcakes with chocolate mousse filling topped with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache drizzle


Amanda Cirulli


Hannah Palmer

Congratulations to all of the Round 2 entries! 

A great time was had by ALL :) 

I'll be back in the studio for the final judgement on April 25th bright and early! 

You can check out all the winners at the cupcake festival on May 4th in the Village of Fishkill! 

Note to self:  Cupcake-ability; Airy; A la mode; infused; moist; aromatic; battered; appetizing; Al dente; ambrosial; bite size; bold; bitter; bubbly; browned; buttery; brittle; candied; chewy; chocolate-y; creamy; comforting; clarified; cured; crunchy; delicious; delightful; decadent; glazed; drenched; dripping; drizzled; dipped; enticing; earthy; dusted; finger-licking-good; exquisite; gourmet; fiery; filling; fluffer-nutter; flavorsome; fresh; frosty; full-bodied; fruity; fragrant; glossy; gratifying; heavenly; hearty; juicy; infused; layered; lip-smacking; lemony; luscious; moist; mellow; organic; peppery; redolent; ripe; rich; roasted; robust; salty... etc.