Old IBM Building Gets a Reboot from Farming Community

Kingston, NY – Hudson Valley Harvest, New York’s leading local food company, tripled the amount of local food it distributed from Hudson Valley farms to restaurants, grocers, and institutions throughout the Tri-State area in 2014. Increasing demand and support from their customers has enabled them to open new markets and re-establish infrastructure, thereby empowering farmers and invigorating the local economy.

The business was founded in 2011 and recently moved to a new 10,000 sq/ft facility in Kingston NY. The move to Tech City was made possible in part by a CFA funding grant awarded in 2012 and Gov. Cuomo’s commitment to agriculture in the Hudson Valley.  At Tech City, with Farm To Table Co-Packers, they compose half of the Hudson Valley Food Hub which is breathing life into what was the old IBM facility. Staying in tune with the facilities tech roots, Hudson Valley Harvest has looked to information systems and software to give them a competitive edge. With an ever increasing number of partner farms, they report an increase in all sales channels and product categories.

Produce and proteins came from over 40 New York farms last year. 35,000 bushels of fresh local fruits and vegetables were aggregated and distributed by Hudson Valley Harvest, a threefold increase from the previous year. Growth of their jarred and frozen vegetables experienced commensurate growth, while protein sales jumped by 250%, a trend they attribute to growing consumer demand for safer, sustainable, and more ethical food choices.

“We are fortunate to be at the forefront of the change that is happening within the food system, especially here in the Hudson Valley. We are part of a vibrant community steeped in a proud agricultural tradition. We are surrounded by some of the most talented and innovative men and women raising the best food around. Coupled with committed consumers and fantastic soils, the Hudson Valley is the unsung hero of New York,” says farmer and Hudson Valley Harvest’s co-founder and CEO, Paul Alward.

Photos by Hudson Valley Harvest Facebook 

About Hudson Valley Harvest

Hudson Valley Harvest works with a network of independently owned and operated farms to make the best food available year round. They embrace transparency on every package, because they believe the farmer deserves the credit and the customer deserves to know.  They celebrate the beauty and agriculture of the Hudson Valley and aim to be a destination for consumers who want to know more about their food. They believe the more you know, the better you’ll eat, and the happier and healthier you’ll be.

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