Scholarships Available for Childrens Cooking Classes this Summer

Montgomery, New York: What are your children going to do this summer?  Child care? Watching TV? Playing video games? How about a dig in the dirt alternative! 

Why not try FARM CAMP!?

The Farm Camp is geared toward school children ages 5-15, featuring a farmer working with the children to design, plant, and raise fresh wholesome vegetables and fruits on a ¼ acre plot in the center of the Village of Montgomery. Vegetables grown will be used in cooking classes to make fun recipes like salsa, tapenade, and summer salads. Older children will set up a farm stand to sell fresh vegetables to visitors which will go towards offset costs of the garden. The farm stand will teach responsibility, money skills, and an appreciation of the work involved in growing food. The Farm Camp will be free to low income children* *** through the success of a 100/$100 fundraiser** and low cost for other children ($75 per week, $300 per summer)

The Farm Camp is offered by local farmer Korey Findley who will teach basics of gardening, easy recipes for children using fresh seasonal produce, and take home a planter garden of salad greens, and a recipe book to share with their families.

Give your child a hands-on gardening experience that builds self-esteem, and connects them to their food (dispelling the myth that green beans come from a can). Each participating child will take home a “garden box” consisting of a window planter with basil, lemon cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, snap peas, etc. to nurture and grow at home. They will also make their own recipe books with a different recipe each day using fresh, raw produce (smoothies, salsa, salads, pesto) and older children will learn to use heat to cook simple meals (pasta primavera, vegetable pizzas, grilled veggie dishes, etc.) Children may not get this opportunity at school or home, so help us ensure that our kids put as much emphasis on “slow food” as our culture puts on fast food.

Register today at under Summer Camps, or call (845) 457-2787.

The Wallkill River School is a nonprofit artist’s cooperative that runs a gallery and a full art school in Montgomery, NY. The WRS promotes local artists and integrates art into the people’s daily lives. Part of the organization’s mission is to preserve dwindling open spaces and promote small scale farms and our agricultural heritage. The artists often partner with historic sites such as Sugar Loaf Village, organic farms like Phillies Bridge Farm, and nonprofits like Black Rock Forest Consortium to build benefit art auctions, giving participants a chance to sell their work, and help raise money for nonprofits that preserve open spaces. The WRS published a local foods cookbook based on what our farms grow, in season, and where to find it. The WRS offers plein air workshops on location throughout Orange County from May-Oct, and year-round art classes in the Montgomery gallery. The WRS is committed to buying local, and all our events are zero waste, handicapped-accessible, and carbon neutral.

Details about the camp:

Farm Camp-gardening and cooking classes for children with Korey Findley- $75/week, $300/summer Mon-Fri. June 24-28, July 8-12, July 15-19, July 22-26, July 29-Aug. 2, Aug. 5-8, Aug. 12-15, Aug. 19-23, Aug. 26-30…


Younger Children (Ages 4-9) mornings 10am-noon: Young children experience basic gardening techniques through fun farming games and activities. Children cook for themselves in easy child-friendly recipes that are healthy and delicious. Children take home recipes and fresh produce with each class.


Older Children (10 and up) afternoons 1-3pm: Older children learn to grow their own garden full of fresh vegetables and herbs, prepare them in easy, child-friendly recipes that are healthy and delicious, (some cooking involving grill, electric skillet) children will also build a small farm stand and sell vegetables to artists. Children learn gardening skills, cooking skills, and handling money/responsibility. All children share in the harvest; bring home fresh vegetables and recipes, money raised goes for seed/garden tools.