A Sweet and Savory Career Opportunity

Montgomery, N.Y. – After 10 years of solid growth, locally owned and operated “Time Savor Solutions” is expanding. The direct, social-selling company, owned and operated by Walllkill resident and CIA graduate Stacey Hawkins, specializes in empowering busy people to make good food, fast. The original concept came to Hawkins after attending a series of healthy cooking classes over a decade ago.

“I quickly realized that you could turn everyday boring foods into amazingly delicious and healthy meals friends and family love simply by changing up the flavors you added to them while cooking,” she recalled. “It changed my whole outlook on good food and how to prepare it.”

As her customer base expanded, so did her product line. Hawkins formally developed a series of seasoning mixes she calls “flavor profiles” to simplify her own cooking process and create great meals. Her concepts and seasonings caught on quickly among her friends and before long EVERYONE was asking her to share her secrets.. so she launched a cooking show in YouTube.  Now “Time Savor Solutions” products are being sold in all 50 states as well as Canada and Australia. 


“Women, in particular, carry tremendous guilt about what they eat and what they feed their families,” Hawkins, a former business consultant, said. “Our philosophies and products resonate with them, and provide for them the options to actually cook at home with just a handful of ingredients and simple recipes.”

Now Hawkins is ready for her next phase of business development, one that will invite others to make their own mark on the world through family, food, and financial freedom. She is hoping to bring 75 direct sales people, called Life Stylists, to build their own home-based business and share their love of good food with “Time Savor Solutions.” Make plans to attend the official recruitment effort, “Save Time, Savor Life!”, for Sept. 6th from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce offices in Montgomery.  


Attendees of the “Save Time, Savor Life!” event will hear more about the “Time Savor Solutions” products, philosophies, and financial opportunities while enjoying high-energy demonstrations and giveaways. Hawkins’ goal is to bring on 75 Life Stylists by the end of September, and 75 more by the end of the year. And she’s already well on her way, with 32 Life Stylists already in the field as a result of a “test” recruiting push in May.
To RSVP to “Save Time, Savor Life!”, please call 800.524.0868. Visit StaceyHawkins.com for more information about “Time Savor Solutions” business opportunities.