Curious Young Scientists Seek Data Driven Conclusions

Heritage Middle School hosted the 7th Annual Saturnelli Science Fair, an exciting event that encourages students to think like young scientists.

Over 225 projects were entered by students in grades 6 -8 ranging in topics from electromagnetism, wind turbine energy, to GPS technology and DNA extraction. Heritage students designed science projects that use the scientific method to solve a problem: identifying a problem, developing a hypothesis, designing an experiment, analyzing their data and making a conclusion based on that data. Students developed skills in writing, oral presentation, creative thinking, and problem solving. Projects were judged on quality, written presentations and use of all methods relevant to the aforementioned method.  Additional points were derived from delivery during oral presentations.

Students from Mount Saint Mary College, as well as Newburgh Free Academy’s Science Honor Society, served as judges for the science fair.

Heritage Middle School Science Teacher Aileen Toback also recently announced that the Hudson Valley Building and Construction Trades Council donated $1,350 to the summer science program at Black Rock Forest for the Heritage Middle School first place winners.

"The opportunity that the Hudson Valley Building and Construction Trades Council has provided our science fair winners with is truly amazing. Black Rock Forest Consortium has developed a week-long learning experience in nature, where students will be working directly with scientists and artists, at Black Rock Forest. We cannot wait to hear all about their summer learning experience,” explained Toback.

New Windsor’s Pizza Mia donated lunch for the judges as part of the event and the Heritage Middle School PTO provided snacks and beverages for the young junior scientists throughout the event.

Congratulations to all of the participants from your friends at HHV!

1st Place Tyler McCormick: Insulation is Absolutely Incredible (shown)

2nd Place Charlie Mahoney: Tracking Geomagnetic Storms

3rd Place Miracle Jones: Spoiler Power

8th Grade Honorable Mentions

Juan Peticco: Microwave Radiation on Sponges

Jeongeok Suh: Horizontal Wind Turbines vs. Vertical Wind

Kimberly LaLane: French Fry Investigation

Adolfo Gomez: Purifying Water

Christian Reyes: Shocking Touch


7th Grade

1st Place Amanda Cotton: Nothing But Net (shown)

2nd Place Julia Sager: Do Ionic or Covalent Solution

3rd Place Noah Riley: Static Charge


7th Grade Honorable Mentions

Ellyson Grant: Danger, Static Electricity

Samantha Tucker: What Substance Melts Ice the Fastest

Joseph Ponessi: Area vs. Rate of Descent

Sarah Casillo: Fluoride vs. soda

Trey Thompson: Papillae Population


6th Grade

1st Place Logan Murillo: Magnets & Charge (Shown)

2nd Place Mitchell Levy: Bread Mold Growth

3rd Place Marc Alberti: Gravity in Action


6th Grade Honorable Mentions

Danielle Riley: Dissolve the Rainbow

Steven Rosas: Growing Basil

Kerry O’Connell: Hot/Cold Tennis Balls

Alex Flores: Paper Towels

Keely Hofving: Height vs Walking Pace


Press Release and Photos Provided by Kerry Butrick

edited by LoLa