'Loose Tooth Trouble' - A Wonderful New Story about Taking Mom's Advice

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Loose Tooth Trouble: New Children’s Book Wiggles, Pulls and Pounds at the Dilemma of Removing that Wobbly Tooth!   

Every adult knows the dilemma; sitting there with a loose tooth, knowing that the tooth fairy could be just around the corner, but being too anxious to actually make that final yank. In fact, finding the best way to remove teeth can be…well…like pulling teeth!

But fear not, Illinois author Melissa Bixby has stormed the scene with an engrossing new children’s book that offers plenty of suggestions. ‘Loose Tooth Trouble’ is an empowering read for any youngster who has built up a fear of losing their gnashers.


Every time Bobby wiggles his loose tooth, it hurts. Journey through this imaginative character's day, as he receives some hilarious, outrageous, and comical suggestions, on how to remove his troubling tooth. This quirky, fun story, coupled with creative and hilarious illustrations, tackles a universal dilemma that all children are faced with during their childhood, and guides the reader to appreciate that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

“My young son once spent an entire dinner discussing new and off-the-wall ways to remove his loose teeth,” explains the author. “As a writer at heart, my head got spinning with ideas, and the book was born. But there’s a serious side; I wanted to create something that added some light relief for children who are anxious and scared about their teeth becoming loose and falling out. I was terrified of the idea as a kid – I wish someone had written me a story to make the whole ordeal somewhat funny!”

‘Loose Tooth Trouble’, from Books by Bixby, is available now.

For more information or to order, visit the author’s official website: http://www.booksbybixby.com.

Copies are also available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1NvepLo.

Beautifully illustrated by Adam Barney 


About the Author:

Melissa Bixby was born in Park Ridge, Illinois, and grew up in Glenview, IL. For fifteen years, she taught in Schaumburg, IL schools. She taught students with special needs, language arts and social studies, and also served as the library media teacher. Loose Tooth Trouble is her first children's book.

Contact: Melissa Bixby / melissa@booksbybixby.com