News from Newburgh Rowing Club

Newburgh, NY – On September 22, 2013, the Newburgh Rowing Club will host the Third Annual Great 5-Mile Challenge, to raise money for shoreline enhancement and beautification of the Ward Brothers Memorial Park.  Last year's event was attended by well over 100 people, said Coach Ed Kennedy, Director of Programs at the Newburgh Rowing Club.

"The first two years, this event was aimed at kayaks and called the Great 5-Mile Kayak Challenge.  We have now opened it up to crew shells and to gig boats, as well as paddle boarders and it is now the Great 5-Mile Challenge.  We will also have limited number of kayaks and boats available for rent.  This fundraiser is $15 per person, and includes a beautiful event T-shirt as well as a pancake breakfast."

"The Newburgh Rowing Club raises money for several different programs," said Team Mom Juliana LoBiondo.  "As the licensee of the Ward Brothers Memorial Park, the only City of Newburgh Park with docks that can launch crew shells, we are responsible for maintaining this City Park.  As such, the purpose of this Fundraiser is to assist with improvements to the park itself, which is also used by kayakers, fishermen, picnickers, and members of the community, in addition to our rowing club."

"Last year we had a great turnout, we launched over 40 kayaks and were able to raise funds to beautify the park.  More than any other of our fundraisers, this one directly benefits all members of the Newburgh Community," said Coach Ed Kennedy.

All participants must register online ahead of time.To register, look for the "Great 5-Mile Challenge" under "Programs" on   To reserve a kayak, or for more information about the Newburgh Rowing Club, including scholarship programs, contact Coach Ed Kennedy at (845) 541-2313.


Rowers from the Newburgh Rowing Club taught local children to row on indoor rowing machines during the City of Newburgh's 25th International Festival, held at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center in Newburgh, NY over Labor Day weekend 2013.

 "I really like this, I think I want to row on the water," said Xavier Lane, a 3rd grader from Franklin D. Roosovelt School in Schenectady, NY, who was attending the Festival.


"We enjoy giving back to the community," said Coach Ed Kennedy, Programs Director for the Newburgh Rowing Club.  "This is one of the best ways, by teaching kids to row on indoor rowing machines and sparking an interest in rowing and fitness in general."

For more information on the Newburgh Rowing Club, including scholarship programs, contact Coach Ed Kennedy at (845) 541-2313 or Team Mom Juliana LoBiondo at