Poughkeepsie has True Halloween Scare

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. As a thin-skinned empath I find that the darkness of the day can be an intrusion if I'm not being careful. Anyone else?

2015 was a great year for celebrating. The weather held out beautifully with the rain waiting until Sunday morning to rear. The Saturday-night timing made for lots of laughs and excellent party plans. I LOVED greeting swarms of super heroes and princesses at the door with a smile. The kids were so polite it was a joy to meet them and say Happy Halloween. Almost every single one responded with a sweet little thank you. It goes a long way. 

This morning, Poughkeepsie, New York made national headlines because a teenage trick-or-treater discovered half an unidentified pill in her Snickers bar. 

All of our lives we've been told to watch out for razorblades and poison in our candy and thought little of the warning. None the less it was a seemingly real threat that was repeated in every home by every parent every.single.year. 

While this incident is still under investigation, the mall has released an emailed statement saying, "(The) Poughkeepsie Galleria has hosted our annual Malloween event for years to provide a fun and safe place for the community to enjoy Halloween. We are working closely with the tenants and Town of Poughkeepsie police and continue to encourage everyone to always check their candy from every source — grocery, party, trick-or-treating, etc." 

What have we learned? 

Check ALL candy regardless of where it came from.

Believe the best in people, nothing has been proven yet about what this is or why it was in the candy.

And finally, one last thought about the holiday I least like. 

The scariness of the ghouls and goblins aside, the root of the holiday is to prey on the human emotion fear. Many people don't need to be inundated by images and screams to feel that. We are afraid of many things already given the delicateness of our existence. 

I hope this website will continue to be a respite from the fears of the world and bring hope and joy to those who read it.

Thank you to Poughkeepsie police who are working to solve the mystery of the candy bar. Thank you to the Mom and her teenage daughter for being diligent and reminding people that you can't be too careful. Sorry that this is how national headlines are made. 

Let's be good to each other.