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Stop Hate Now Essay Contest

The First Annual Orange County Stop Hate Now Essay Contest has been established to examine the roots of prejudice, challenge stereotypes and to promote understanding and respect through education.

Contest sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County and the Human Rights Commission

Prizes Awarded in Two Categories:
7th , 8th and 9th grades... $200 award
10th , 11th and 12th grades... $300 award


Contest sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County and the Human Rights Commission

The ORANGE COUNTY STOP HATE NOW contest was established to promote tolerance and understanding through education. This year’s essay uses the events of the Holocaust to explore issues of moral behavior and how these lessons are pertinent to our lives. According to Jewish tradition, “Whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved the entire world”. In a world of war and total ethical breakdown, a small number of individuals exhibited moral courage, determined to uphold human values. They stood in marked contrast to the world’s indifference and hostility to the Jewish people that prevailed before and during World War II.

Using at least 3 sources students will submit an essay describing a courageous act of resistance or rescue, which occurred during the Holocaust. A successful essay will focus on the following subjects:

  • Why did these individuals refuse to remain silent?
  • The risks these individuals took, both physical, and emotional and the benefits of exhibiting moral courage and standing up against injustice.
  • What can you learn from their actions?  How can we apply these lessons to our daily lives?
  • What can students do to combat prejudice and hate?

This is not a book report. Essay judges are interested in your personal reflections to the event in addition to the person you have chosen as an example of rescue and resistance. The Common Core Standards for Writing History Text are included.

1. Writers must be residents of Orange County, students in grades 7-12 currently attending public or private or being home schooled.

2. Maximum word count per essay is 1,000 words for grades 7-9, and 1,500 words for grades 10-12

3. All submissions must (1) have a title, (2) be typed, and (3) be double-spaced Staple the essay entrance form filled out completely to the essay. Do not write your name or the name of your school on your essay

4. A minimum of three references must be cited in a bibliography/ work cited page. Wikipedia does not count as a reference.  Please see our bibliography for a list of references

5. Submit your completed entry form along with the essay and mail NO LATER THAN MARCH 15, 2015 to:  

                        ORANGE COUNTY STOP HATE NOW
                        The Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County

                        292 North Street 2nd Floor

                        Newburgh, New York 12550

6. DO NOT plagiarize.

7. DO NOT submit more than one entry

Winner will be announced in April 2015.

Prize will be awarded at the Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day observance in April of 2015. 

Standards for Writing History & Science Text based on Common Core Standards Apply. Check website for contest details.