Sweet Maddie's Walk for A Cure

Maddie's Mom writes:

January 4th, 2014 was one of the scariest days of my life. We had been away the week before and Maddie just was not herself. That morning when Maddie woke she got sick and had absolutely no color and was lethargic. We rushed to St Luke's. Within minutes they told us it was type one diabetes. Knowing NOTHING about diabetes I said, "Okay, now what?"

I did not realize what was unfolding.  I watched two doctors, countless nurses and several phlebotomist stick Maddie endlessly trying to find a vein to give her fluids and insulin. She was so dehydrated her veins just kept collapsing. They finally got one to stay in. I watched as they prepped her for her flight to Maria Ferrara (still not completely understanding what was happening). Nothing prepares you.

Maddie spent 4 days in the PICU, two of which she was completely unresponsive. She slowly came around we graduated to a normal hospital floor. That is where the education came for us, her parents. Type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It was not caused by Maddie's diet. She will never outgrow it.

We count every carb Maddie eats and give her insulin to cover the amount her tiny body no longer makes. We strive to have a healthy diet. We still have our battles. After enjoying a 4H milkshake at the fair -  a treat no one can turn down! I thought I had her covered. In NO time her numbers went well over 300. I kept giving her insulin. We just hung there for awhile. It is so hard. We want her to be a normal kid but she is not.

Every three days we change her pump sight which is painful. Every week to ten days we change her dexcom sight which again is painful and in between we use the technology to try and keep her in range and healthy.

We walk to show Maddie our support, this disease can be scary and lonely. We want her to know we will always have her back. We support the JDRF because they are the leading organization striving to find a cure for Type One diabetes and to make the daily lives of T1Ds easier..

Maddie's life sadly will never be easy. She will always have to have her supplies with her and explain to people what is attached to her or why she has a nurse at school. She is fortunate to have some really good friends that do not look at this as a hinderance however she is only 6..... We need a cure!!!!!!! However NONE of this is possible without support. Thank you for your support. It means so much to our family.

Walk with Maddie -- or give towards her goal (already at 70%).

Hudson Valley Sportsdome
240 Milton Turnpike
Milton, NY 12547

September 24, 2016
Check-in: 9:00 AM
Starts: 10:00 AM
Length of walk: 1 Mile