An Artist Explortion of Sociality

Gallery 66 in Cold Spring, New York invites you to an artist reception on Friday, October, 2 from 2pm - 6pm. The exhibit will feature the works of four (1.,2.,3.,4.,) artists in variuos medium exploring sociality through observations and inferences. 

1. “Observations, Beyond and About” is a new series of work by Donald Alter entitled the ‘Walmart Series’.  Always producing art and observing society, Alter at the age of 84 mastered the computer to enable him to create paintings.  Alter started drawings of the various shoppers that happened to catch his attention, in an effort to make a visual statement in response to the unfolding social panorama and its implications.

Early in the process his response generated a rather judgmental and derisive imagery.  As he continued in his effort on the Walmart Series trying to depict the space relationships of customers to the bigbox store, their personalities, their motivations, the social involvement and activity, he came to realize that his responses were getting more generous and accepting.  The subjects were not a unique misanthropic breed to be ridiculed.  What started as clearly stated objectives and prejudices became a bit more fuzzy and confusing.  It was not them he was exploring, it was all of us, and the artist himself.

We are, all of us, subject to time, space, and culture that is imposed.  


2. Heidi Ettinger has always been drawn to the intricacies and potential danger of childbirth and to the deterioration and complication of anatomical death. In this exhibition, “Anatomically Correct” Ettinger is attempting to explore these perilous beginnings and endings through the framework of anatomy. Childbirth remains, still, shrouded in mystery.  These pieces invite you to marvel at the beauty, poetry and danger of human birth.


3. Much of Nancy Drosd’s work explores the inescapable dilemma of “Boundaries” and our necessity to be enclosed and protected, our desire to transcend and escape. This series of young girls examines the self at the brink of life in all its literalness and ambiguity. Tension is created as the images struggle to maintain a sense of self as it begins to hold its own integrity despite the turbulence that surrounds them, real or imaginary.  Often the figures are enveloped and invaded by a universe both imaginary and real, visually complicated, fantastical or mundane: reflecting our lives as they are increasingly encroached on by forces over which we have little, if any control.


4. Susan Grabel is a sculptor and printmaker and her work is very much tied to the political and social narrative of the world around her including the aging of women’s bodies.  Concerned about the lack of positive images of older women Grabel began to explore the reality of the older woman’s body. The body she depicts in her exhibit “The Venus Cycle” is not idealized, but shown as it is, with all its wrinkles, lumps and bumps, imprinted with life’s experiences. Our culture is so focused on controlling nature, with cosmetics, surgery and medications, that we no longer see ourselves as an integral part of nature’s cycle.

Through the use of humor, color, repetition of form and fragments, Grabel creates abstract organic compositions that normalize the aging woman’s body. Treating the body as just another sculptural form, she confronts the conventional biases about aging women and validates women’s experiences of themselves.


Gallery 66 NY is located at 66 Main St. in Cold Spring, NY.  The exhibit  will be on view from October 2nd through November 1st with an opening reception on Friday, October  2nd from 6-9 pm.  Regular hours are Thurs-Sunday 12-6.  For more information call845-809-5838 or visit