Ballet Slippers on her Fingers

She wore ballet slippers on her fingers, dancing through life to a waltz that followed her. xo

One day she met a man whose steps mimicked her own.

His handsome face was strangely familiar. 

He was light on his feet and she melted into his arms. 

She lighted up at the sound of his knowing and trustful voice. 

He gave her the truth. Always. In every single capacity. Even when he didn't know she knew. 

They lived apart and built their trust for a year or more. 

They visited on weekends, always making time to share in each other's lives. 

He called her before bed to say, "Goodnight beautiful."

She loved him. 

There were picnics and jazz concerts, cosmopolitan adventures in Washington Heights and Manhattan's prominent downtown. Hiking trips and kayaking on the Hudson. There were dinners home and dinners out. Dinners met halfway in quaint riverside towns. They took road trips and day trips. They shared late night phone calls and holidays. 

After a while, she wished they wouldn't have to say goodbye. 

After a while, so did he. 

Today they will be married. 

Today is the greatest day of her life. And she hopes it will be his, too. 

Love is real, and it is true. 

If you can.. if it is even a little bit possible.. wait for it. 


<3 And first, love yourself.