Holiday Give-Back from HHV

Periodically I need to address the statement of opposition innate to this blog, and identify the wall that would have held me back if I hadn't pushed my way through in June 2011 when we kicked this thing into high gear on the world of web. 

I know that most people had good intentions and some of the mentors I sought out in the beginning were just trying to prepare me for the possibility of failure when they said, "Good News Doesn't Sell." 

Thankfully, I had considered that before I started. Truthfully, I just wanted to write for the love of it. I just wanted to start telling stories I felt in my heart were worthwhile sharing and thanks to the marvels of modern technology doing that was as easy as hitting publish. If you have been here before then you know that we don't ask for anything from our readers. In fact, we are usually giving something away.* What we provide here is an open-invitation to anyone who wants to sanction positivity in their world. For me, personally, letting light in has helped tremendously in getting me through tough times to a place of enjoyment and fruitfulness.

Like attracts like.   

It's not always easy, or perfect. Sometimes I am so tired from the jobs I work around this that I barely have time to read my emails. But I do. I always do. I love this place more than anywhere; my happy place. I hope that it is—if only on occasion—yours, too. 

What makes me happiest of all is knowing that we have really helped some people along the way. I can not tell you the joy that brings me. I can not begin to thank the group of people that make this possible. Dedicated volunteers, contributors, web developers and sponsors who have turned up the volume on our voice and created a path of less resistance. Because of you we are able to stay the course.

I am so thankful I barely have the words. 

Morehead Honda THANK YOU for trusting me with a vehicle in your name. We strive to use this power for good all times of day and every occasion. Our partnership gives flight to this project and we ABSOLUTELY could not do this without you. 

Supporting these efforts is as easy as liking our sponsors on facebook so you can see for yourself what they are all about. 

Links provided for your convenience.

Finkelstein & Partners, you have given us not only sponsorship, but tons of good news to share and we LOVE that most of all. 

SUNY Orange of which I am a proud alumna- thank you for being a stepping stone for students who need an alternative to $15,000/semester studies. You gave me so much and I serve you proudly. 

Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center: between the Encore! consignment shop and sliding scale health care—not to mention to wonderful community events you share here on our calendar—we are so happy that you're here serving our community and we thank you for your sponsorship.

We have built our practices up around the sound advice we receive from the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. I proudly volunteer with the Young Professionals there - a super fun group of young adults who want to get down to business, have fun and give back. Look for chamber events on our events calendar. 

Our economy sponsors are all hand-picked and many of them are personal contacts whose services we trust. All of our sponsors are rooted in good business practices and are on board with the philosophy that there is a power here that can be used for good. That says so much, doesn't it? 

We share freely here, a plethora of events, stories and happenings and INVITE you to do the same. Just sign in to share events -- It's Free and Anyone can do it. 

Free publicity, simple as that. 

We don't share info, we're not selling you out, we're just here to help. 

Thank you for being here and part of our happy project. 

We LOVE it here and wouldn't change it for anything.


** Now, we mentioned that we like to give-back and give-away, and we mean it! Right now you can nominate someone deserving of a beauty break in time for the holidays thanks to a local salon who is donating services valued at $200 to a person in need. They just wanted to do it, and we just wanted to make that possible. Don't be shy. Nominate someone today. Email us or message of on facebook with a short line or two about your nominee. Help make someone's holiday a little brigher - 'Tis the season! 

Entries are being accepted through Dec 13th - Winner will be announced December 16th

Happy Holidays from HHV!

- Stefanie Pearl, Publisher