'Holiday Happy' Crafting Queen Shares DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

28 year-old Felicia Ramos-Peters is a publicist, blogger and media personality residing in the Hudson valley. In September, she launched a blog completely dedicated to the holidays. There you will find feature recipes, DIY projects, gift guides, interviews with celebs and more centered around landmark dates celebrated in American culture. She has appeared on The Rachel Ray Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew, The TODAY show and more. 

"The holidays make me happy whether it is Halloween and Christmas or Easter and the 4th of July. My goal is to make every Holiday a memorable and Happy one." - Ramos-Peters

Right now she's featuring DIY Valentine's Day Ornaments and Love Story Coffee Mug on her website GetHolidayHappy.com

Check it out! 

"Growing up the Holidays have always been really big in my family. We would do crafts together, attend local Holiday festivities and cook delicious food. I feel as though the Holidays bring people together and create everlasting memories," said the crafty Hudson Valley native. 

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