How to Make Autumn the Perfect Natural Backdrop For Your Wedding

Most weddings are a year or more in planning, so 2014 and 2015 brides-to-be are probably scoping out an optimum location for their happy day. My first choice by miles was Fall 2014, but by the time I started threading through dates, it was too late for some venues and even some of my guests!  Hot Tip: Get those save the dates ready to go! On Wedding Paper you can work it out and then just add the date once you have it locked down!

My best friend—who I was Maid Of Honor to—had a fall wedding. Could it really have been 5 years ago? Her black and white photos along the Hudson were timeless. The color photos of the wedding party clan with red and yellow leaves in the background were the perfect backdrop to her white as snow dress and our brown silk gowns with apple green ribbons.

As luck would have it, her wedding happened to be a phenomenon: 80 degree October day on Columbus weekend – a Sunday – at Sunday rates and with a bonus recovery day Monday. It was ideal. I wanted the same date for myself, these 5 years later, to honor our friendship and the anniversary of my first date with my future husband. But, we landed on an awesome alternative. Details coming soon!

Fall brides will love this peak calendar from Simply Bridal that outlines the changing-of-the-leaves schedule for optimum foliage on the big day!

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