How the Police Risked Their Lives to Save my Baby

On February 20th, 2015, Tom and Cynthia's 4 week old baby, Xavier, was rushed to the hospital. He was having difficulty breathing. Tom reached out and asked if he could tell the story of how the police risked their lives on an icy February night to help save his child. The following are his words, from the heart, for all to read. 

I don't open my mouth much. I'm usually quiet. Sometimes when I should open my mouth I don't because I don't want to get caught in the middle. But when someone does do something right that's when I think you should say something and I don't think there's enough of it.

The night this happened all I could think about was the cops. I just about lost my baby that night. It felt like forever, it was a blur. It's our 5th child; we've seen it all. We're not brand new parents who are afraid. He was breastfeeding and he got sick. Cynthia brought him into the shower to help decongest him, and she screamed out, "He's not breathing." I failed in that moment. I thought I could do anything, but I went in there and I.. I was barely was able to dial 911. 

All I know is the minute we called the cops, the cops were there. As long as everything felt, they wasted no time. It was a Friday - and society of full of nothing but problems on a Friday night. Still they all showed up, in an ice storm. They blocked the road on both sides, and two ambulances arrived. The first officer on the scene, Officer Kuhn, he handled the situation so well. He came in and totally resolved it. The mannerism -- the level of comfort was so good. The professionalism they brought to our moment of crisis was incredible. 

Cynthia saved his life by applying mouth-to-mouth but we were inconsolable thinking our newborn was in distress. 

Nobody knew whose kid it was, they just knew: here's a baby in danger. There was such a level of passion. They risked their lives whether it was their job or not - to come out and help. The appreciation I have and the selflessness from them it was beyond a job. It was compassionate. They had heart. They were there for the baby and they were there for us, too. 

The Hazard family would like to send their most heartfelt appreciation to the Town of Newburgh Police Department including officers on the scene: 

Officer Kuhn
Sgt. Cadden 
Officer Sluszka
Officer Black
Sgt. Passantino
Officer Otero

Happy Hudson Valley would like to wish the Hazard family and Xavier a lifetime of health and happiness, and reiterate the statements made by the Hazard's saying that our Law Enforcement live to serve their community, and we are grateful for the lengths they are willing to go each time a call comes in from a citizen in need - big or small..  <3