I Will Wait for that Same Love

All I know about love I learned from my parents. When they met in their late twenties she was regrouping from love lost in a speedy crash, and he had been once –though fruitlessly- married. 

They started their life together and routine was forming inside the comfort of their American home, photos strewn across the walls and meals at the table together. Before long there were two babies, both girls. After the stress of the grind had blossomed into Saturday morning, his before-coffee-routine was finding her- still in a flowing floral silk robe- and pulling her in close for a kiss. The way he’d say, ‘good morning’ was geniune. A rock on the surface - the patriarch, and yet tender and loving at home, and she petite feminine and attentive. He was the leading man in a glamorous lovely scene of a young family bathed in riches, though perhaps not wealth. My young eyes were always watching.

Through the years there were disagreements and occasionally the sheer weight of life pushed down on them-on all of us- in unexpected and hard ways. But, they continued to make it work. 32 years is a lifetime, nearly mine.

When I became old enough to date I was looking for something more than just butterflies and hand-holding. I was eager and ripe with intention and wanted to make a connection. It was a mature sentiment that disinterested most males in my sphere. Eventually curiosity and exploration overcame my desire for companionship, and I turned my attention to the people in my life who personified the thing that I was seeking – Love.

I pulled a chair up next to my Dad one sunny afternoon during a relaxing vacation, and bated him into a moment of reflection surrounding the days of his twenty-something bachelorship. I wanted to ask how he knew that my Mom was the right person.. “I was quite the fun-loving speed racer – had a different date every night of the week and a little black book that I kept all those numbers in.”

The thought of my mom adrift in a sea of carelessly jotted numbers welled up as discontent in me as though a high-to-low search for the elusive book were about to take place. The parent in him recognized it. He laughed a little as I stared into him. Finally he trailed on with a smile across his lips saying, “When I met your Mother I threw it out.”

My stunning blonde petite life-loving Mom standing in the pulse of his beating-for-her-heart and my family, my values, my life pouring from the corners of this brilliant snapshot of a statement as their wedding song plays gently in the background the sound of romance timeless in a ballad of an era of true romance..

Take my hand/Take my Whole life too/For I can’t help/falling in love with you.

I will Wait for that Same Love // Happy Anniversary <3