Live Music is Making Life Better in the Hudson Valley

Music Entertains at Area Establishments by George Ruger

Throughout the Hudson Valley, restaurants and bars are always looking for ways to attract new customers and bring back their regulars.  They have trivia nights, karaoke nights, wing nights, and discounted food and drink specials during Happy Hour.  One popular way that these establishments can attract a crowd is by bringing in live music.  Many locations bring in bands on weekends to keep their customers entertained and their chairs and bar stools full.  

Joe Carfora tends bar at AJ Cafe in Wappingers.  He commented, "AJ Cafe prides itself on having new local Hudson Valley talent play at their establishment on Saturday nights.  Bands like Talking Machine, The Dan Brothers Band, Mike Hamel, and The Naturals all frequently play at AJ Cafe. The relaxed atmosphere coupled with great food, music, and friends makes for a great Saturday night out."

Locations in Main Street in Beacon compete to have the best entertainment.  The Towne Crier Cafe, Baja 328, and The Beacon Hotel are only a few blocks apart and they offer live music to attract customers.  On a recent trip to The Beacon Hotel, the Restaurant Manager Erica Colon pointed out that they have live music every Friday night.  She has performed there with her band Escape.  Last Friday night featured Lauren Knowles and this Friday will be Nellybombs.

I caught up with Joe and Heather of Lucky House last weekend at Equilibrium in Middletwon.  Joe, who is also known as Buck Hipshake online, had some words to share.  "We are so thrilled to be able to play out and about in the Hudson Valley.  It is amazing to do something you love every week.  We are only able to do this because there is so much support of the Hudson Valley Music Scene.  That's why it's so important to go see live music, without it the scene dies and we wont be able to do what we do any more."  They have recently performed at Piano Piano and Tomas Tapas as well.  

In addition to performing at area locations, Lucky House also hosts Open Mic Night at Mahoney's on Mondays in Poughkeepsie.  After taking the summer off, they will resume on September 11th.  At Open Mic Night, patrons can sing along with the band similar to karaoke style, but without the screen that has the changing colors of the words.  They can also recite poetry, or perform a skit for the crowd.  

Many locations in the Hudson Valley offer entertainment.  There is something for just about everyone.  So if you are looking for something to do this weekend or any weekend, consider finding out what your area establishments are offering.  Most places do not have a cover charge for the entertainment.