My Dear, Sweet Baby

Tomorrow you turn one month old. You may not remember this time so I must find the words to one day share with you the breadth and depth of change which accompanied you here.

You are amazing.

Your ten tiny fingers and toes with tiny nails I file with an equally tiny tool. You fit in your Daddy's arms like a toy - but you are not helpless. You are strong and vocal. You crave the warmth and protection of our loving arms around the clock. As much as you want to be held, we want to hold you. In a way, I will hold you forever. That is my plan.

Once a day - between cries and diaper changes - I peer into your knowing eyes or gaze upon your tender cheek and tears form and roll down my face for the pure and unyielding joy you have brought to my life. My heart is full in a way I have never known. The interactions you have with your Grandparents and your Dad teach me something about life I could not have known before you.

The month has passed as a year - the days and nights are one and the world has stopped to welcome you and continued on letting you grow bigger and more curious. Time is a commodity I am grasping for. How can I have you forever and keep you close and safe?

We are exhausted and elated.

We are enamored and perplexed.

We are young and we've grown old.

We appreciate our parents in new ways now.

You are a miracle. You are G-ds beautiful and wondrous child. You are ours.

We love you more than life itself.

<3 Mommy