New Collection by Hudson Valley Jewelry Designer

"Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up." - Rachel Corrie 

We introduced Shannon Chomanczuk early on in our project: Striking a Balance // Story of an Etsy Mom about a jewelry designer and silversmith, who started a company in homage to her daughter, Emily. She has rebranded since the birth of her second daughter, Eden, and has revealed a new line called Emily and Eden available on Etsy. [Headlining Photo: Shannon with her daughters, Eden (L) and Emily (R)]

Emily and Eden is an eco-friendly line of jewelry handmade in the Hudson Valley.

All of her jewelry is made in-house from reclaimed, recycled, or ethically mined metals.  Now Shannon is ready to reveal her latest brilliant line: the Embrace Collection. The Embrace Collection was inspired by the hospital stay and bringing her second daughter into the world. 

But, being a working Mom with two little girls at home wasn't easy!

There were many days when I thought of giving up and never making jewelry again. Days when I felt that the business end was much to difficult. With the support of my husband and knowledge that following my dreams would be inspiration to my girls I enrolled in an online course for jewelry designers. With their shared knowledge I am better able to navigate the difficult business side of being a designer. I believe jewelry is more than adornment, that it is a form of self expression, a symbolic token. I want my jewelry to hold special meaning, be it faith, love, family. I want to design the jewelry that makes the wearer walk a little taller, smile a little bigger, and feel more beautiful everyday.

Check out Shannon's ETSY collection. Tell her we sent you!

$89.00 USD*


*Details through official ETSY site, subject to inaccuracies or to change.