New Windsor Vocalist Sings for the Yankees - and Other Highlights of the Well Played 2011 Season

With the World Series underway, I thought it would be fitting to pull up this Fall 2011 story from the relics. It was September when my future husband sang the national anthem at Yankee Stadium and I chased him down for exclusive rights to the video for purposes of this blog, then in beta. The rest, as they say, is history. (We were married in July 2014.) 

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Repost from October 2011:

Realistically, we can't all be Yankee fans. Although, I am—3rd generation, pin stripes deep in the lifeblood of my upbringing. Just sayin. Someone, has to side with the underdog, hate on the strongest, most well dressed players. And many will—especially now that the Yanks are ending their season on a sour broken-bat-note. I'm sure that someone at this very moment is posting the " 'Choke'...official drink.." to their facebook wall. (That was so Myspace lets get an upgrade already). But, I prefer to stick to the facts on this one.  Fact - Yankees blew it in Game 5 with bases loaded in the 4th and the 7th and lost to the Detroit Tigers. (insert sad face).  Fact - early predictions that the Philadelphia Phillies are the ones to watch are coming true. (Something to look forward to).  Fact - Yanks had a great season is here to back me up :

Sabathia had another solid year, winning 19 games. The season was also highlighted by the individual achievements of Mariano Rivera, who became the all-time saves leader with 603, and Jeter, who reached 3,000 hits (a home run no less!) and recovered strongly from an early-season slump. Collectively, the potent offense scored 867 runs, the second most in baseball, even occasionally without Rodriguez, who missed much of the second half of the season with knee and thumb injuries. Posada had two hits and finished the series batting .429.... playing in the 17th season of a career in which he contributed to five World Series championships.   

( Insert addition post-season comments here ) 

Ironically, the highlight of the Yankee season for Hudson Valley fans came on a rainy September night after four hours of rain-delay - not kidding - official start time was 11:05 pm.   A rarely televised National Anthem Performance was caught on DVRs and the YES network across the country as James Kostenblatt stepped up from the dugout to ring out over Yankee Stadium with a traditionally prideful rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner". 

James graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in 1999. A celebrated voice in community theater, James lead the way to the elusive "Urinetown" as Bobby Strong, with Summer Star Theater's production in 2009. In August you may have seen him transformed as Joseph with Just off Broadway's presentation of  "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat". But, it was his role in Peace Corps that brought him to Yankee stadium on this fateful day.  The anthem presentation on September 6th was a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.  Since 1961 over 200,000 volunteers have been representing the Peace Corps in 139 host countries around the world working on issues ranging from AIDS education to information technology and environmental preservation. James served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2005-2009, stationed in the Southeastern corner of Africa in Mozambique. He spent his time teaching English to the Portuguese speaking natives, shining his bright American spirit on his students there spreading messages of peace and sharing his love for music with them. He now spends his time as recruitment coordinator in NYC for the Peace Corps.  Find out more about serving in the Peace Corps.

 Check out James' flawless execution of the National Anthem here:

Yankees went on to win 5-3 against the Orioles. On that beautiful note, we end the Yankees 2011 season.  

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