Parents of Premature Quadruplets Share Journey on Social Media

Attention: this post contains sensitive photos of babies born 24 weeks premature. Shared with parent permission. Read on with discretion. 

We last left this Hudson Valley love story at the stage of their engagement. Read about their Teary-Eyed Pickle Engagement published in 2013. The wedding was a success, and Meaghan has never lost sight of her desire to be a mommy. She and her husband Sam worked through infertility issues using medically prescribed drugs. In 2015, they released a huge announcement via social media. A wonderful thing had happened: babies were on the way - quadruplets! The gender reveal party was a backyard balloon-filled event where two blue and two pink helium-filled surprises bounced into the air signifying two boys and two girls. 

Dillon, Kevin, Sophie and Aubree made their way into the world on July 7th. They were just 24-weeks gestated. Doctors at the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center are hopeful and working around the clock to help the babies in their fight for life. Then, tragedy struck. Kevin survived three days never even opening his eyes and the family was heartbroken. Uplifting messages, prayers and well-wishes from fans of the couple's facebook page - The Lane Quadruplets - Four Times the Love - helped them through the hardship of losing their newborn. They have stayed upbeat, naming Kevin 'Guardian Angel' to his siblings. The Lane's have been holding back their grief in order to stay strong for their family. 

On July 14th a goFund me page surfaced to help the young couple with unanticipated expenses. The campaign is nearly funded just 8 days in. 

Then, Aubree opened her tiny eyes for the first time. Sophie and Dillon have followed suit. The images of their tiny fingers next to that of their caregivers is stunning.  Meaghean and Sam have even been able to hold them briefly. It has been like watching a miracle unfold to those of us watching along on social media. 

At two weeks the parents posted this: "Dillon is 1lbs 3oz he loves to eat. Sophie is 1 lb 1 oz she's doing great. We got to kangaroo hold her, such an amazing feeling!! Aubree is stronger than anyone I know. She is such an amazing fighter. Last but not least Kevin you are doing such an amazing job being your siblings guardian angel We love you and miss you everyday. This has been one crazy ride. We can't even being to explain it. But we wouldn't changed it for the world. Our babies make us so proud. We are lucky to have such beautiful and strong children. As well as being at the best NICU! The staff loves our babies and are fighting for them as much as we are."

We join the Hudson Valley community in wishing the babies a journey to health and discovery. Grow, babies, grow!