Sharing the Happiest Day of My Life: Why I'm Donating my Wedding Dress

Today is the day! I am zipping over to the Bloomingdeals resale store in New Windsor to hand over my once-worn wedding dress! Yes, I thought long and hard about it, on some level taking a full year-and-a-half to decidedly part ways with it. But, in my heart, I always knew that was what I would do, and my husband enthusiastically approves. Sure, my (maybe someday I'll be having a) daughter may curiously ask and want a piece of it. It's not that I didn't enjoy seeing my Mom pull her dress and her mother's out in anticipation of my wedding day. We have incredible photos of the dress from every angle which are eternally ours. It was lovingly worn for the moment in time it was meant to accompany. And, that moment has passed.

Moreover, I considered 'trashing' the dress and even a photo shoot do-over (it poured rain on our wedding day), but ultimately, what I want more than anything is to put this dress on the rack in the store in the hopes that someone who is planning the happiest day of their life will find it, and fit into it and love it as I did. Imagine how wonderful it would be for the happiest moment of my life to become someone else's shining beautiful moment, too.

The day I bought it my Mom and my Grandmother were with me. It was incredible to say yes to the dress in their company.  It was wonderful dancing the night away in a sheath, beaded, flowing gown, feeling like the princess I had always dreamed of being. My dreams came true that day.

I may put a note in the dress that says I'd love a photo of the person who ends up taking it home. And, I will love imagining that someone's wedding day was made complete by the sharing of a garment and the passing-down of a sentiment of love that comes with it. I know Bloomingdeals will put a fair price on it -- all of the proceeds go for a good cause.  As a bride who was on a budget, I understand that there is a give and take to planning a wedding. The perfect dress can come with a big price tag. Finding a beautiful dress for less can help! 

 <3 There is no better feeling on earth than sharing happiness. <3 

100% of the profits from Bloomingdeals benefit the Hudson Valley SPCA on Little Britain Road in New Windsor, New York.