Special Olympics Team Wins Gold

The New Hope Community basketball team of extraordinary athletes took home the gold medal for their division at the Special Olympics competition held on June 11 in Brockport, New York. Focusing on defense and running, the team of 10 trained twice per week since January. Having placed in several regional Special Olympic Games qualified the team to compete in the finals.

“I am proud of the team’s work ethic and proud of the coaches for dedicating their time in preparation for the games”, said New Hope Community Athletics Coordinator, Taylor Van Keuren.

“The players are so dedicated.  They want to win, but never lose their sense of teamwork and sportsmanship.  I am proud to be their head coach”, said New Hope Community’s Mike Ballard

This win marks the third gold medal in a row won by New Hope Community’s basketball team.  The team won a Division 9 gold medal in 2014 and a Division 8 gold medal in 2015. 

According to the Special Olympics, basketball is one of the top sports at the Special Olympics. Players participate in the sport at all abilities and it’s also one of the favorite sports at the event. 

About New Hope Community
New Hope Community is a private, not-for-profit organization providing support for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Established in 1975 to serve as a nurturing and caring alternative to large institutions which were found to have violated the most basic human rights and conditions, New Hope Community has become nationally recognized as a leading provider in the human services field. Services include clinical and nursing care, day programming, education and recreation, leisure activities, a robust supported employment program, summer programs for youths, and more. The agency maintains a person-focused approach aimed at enhancing the lives of people with disabilities, and actively advocates for individual choice in a person’s efforts to live, work, and participate fully in his or her community. New Hope Community presently supports and serves over 300 individuals and is a leading employer in Sullivan County, with more than 650 staff. Learn more at www.newhopecommunity.org.

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