3D Art Exhibition and Master Class September 26th

Come witness a sculpture being made by award-winning sculptor, Roger Martin of Albemarle, NC. This master class entitled "From Inspiration to Metal, the Creation of a Bronze Sculpture" will show “upfront and personal” the complete process from sculpting through casting and patina.

Starting with an armature, he will rough out a clay sculpture, demonstrating the creation of an original model that can later be cast in bronze. In addition, a digital slide presentation, which he has developed, will show the detailing which leads to the finished metal piece. Questions and discussion will enhance the learning experience.

This event will take place in Orange Hall Gallery Fringe on Thursday, September 26, 2013 from noon to 2pm.  A finished sculpture by Martin entitled Penguin is presently on display in Orange Hall Gallery as part of the On & Off the Wall ~ Sculpture: Art in 3 Dimensions exhibit.

Then check out On & Off the Wall ~ Sculpture: Art in 3 Dimensions. The exhibition is comprised of 56 sculptures in various media including wood, iron, steel, marble, ceramic, bronze, copper, textile, clay, stoneware, plaster, terracotta, and found objects.

Sculptures are their makers realistic or abstract interpretations in three dimensions. The variety stretches the viewers’ scope and becomes an educational and enjoyable experience. Come and partake of this grand exhibit.


Participating sculptors include Roger Martin, Bill Graziano, Fay Wood, Barbara Bonham, Daniel Grant, Natalie Surving, Dan Mack, Daniel Lombardo, William Gerbracht, Polly Giragosian, Bill Cypher, Najim Chechen, Caroline Schulz, Hilda Sobel, Stuart Sachs, Lori Shorin, Philip Monteleoni, Terry Mollo, David Nolan, Carole Halle, Ed Burr, Fred Maltzan, Doug Demarsico, Joshua Davis, Catherine DeMaio, Linda Rahl Nadas, Meghan (Maney) Merschen, Brenda Scott Harburger, and Jacqui Doyle Schneider.

Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 8pm and Friday to 9am to 6pm. On Friday, October 4, the gallery is open 9am to 10pm. Don't forget, three master classes on bronze, found object sculpting, and art metal forging by artists Roger Martin, Fay Wood, and Bill Graziano, respectively, will take place on September 26, October 2, and October 21 in Orange Hall Gallery Fringe.


The exhibit, reception, and master classes are free and open to the public. Orange Hall is located on the campus of Orange County Community College [SUNY Orange] at the corner of Wawayanda and Grandview Avenues, Middletown.  Questions may be directed to cultural@sunyorange.edu  and (845)341-4891. Also, see website www.sunyorange.edu/culturalaffairs