Adventure Seekers Take to the Mall in Wake of Hurricane Irene

Uninvited guest Irene swept through the area Saturday night - into Sunday, a witch on her broomstick. The Hurricane turned Tropical Storm was casting wind and rain spells on the Hudson Valley region leaving widespread residuals. Cresting rivers and washed out bridges caused problems for residents.  Irene was unapologetic, leaving many road closures and flooded basements in her wake. Several unlucky homes were destroyed and we are sensitive to the damage. *Please do not mistake our optimistic view point for irresponsibility.* As the eye churned up our Valley on Sunday (After the rain passed and the wind kicked up) we took to the streets to assess the damage. And we found lots of it. The Newburgh mall parking lot was a foot deep with water. Sad for some business owners, an opportunity for others.

Tegan Maher, 7 of Newburgh showing off her sporty side at the Newburgh Mall Parking Lot.

Andrew Sinclair of Newburgh modified his 94 Toyota Pick-Up with a $10 hose making it water friendly. He and his friends took to the mall waters and turned the eye of Irene in their afternoon boat party

Shown : Eric Bernstein of Newburgh, Ron Dickson and Jeremy Bellarosa of Montgomery, Mike Melnyk of Walden

In Half Seriousness: County executives were extending the State of Emergency mandates—Orange County for example which was forecast to expire 7 PM Sunday evening was extended through 8 AM Monday morning. Via the county website  But, the orders are slowly being lifted into Monday as roads begin to clear up and waters recede. NJ Governor Chris Christie wrapped up several informative press conferences Sunday by acknowledging the diligence of government and emergency workers. We're going to take his lead. Ulster County resident Jereme DeCarlo along with other members of Marlboro volunteer fire department were 12 hours on the scene Sunday helping to pump out 40 cellars in response to flooded basements due to rain waters. Thanks to all of our first responders and all that they do! 211 is the number to call for storm related questions. Many people are back on-line power-wise but without cable and internet. Others will be without power until Mid-Week. We hope everyone will be ok as the aftermath unfolds.

Happy Hudson Valley wants to know : What is Your Hurricane Irene Story?

Article By Lolita Sage