Annual Y2Kids and Careers Essay Winners Share their Future Hopes and Dreams

More than 3,000 kids from area schools are expected to participate again this year in the hands-on, interactive career exploration activities geared for middle school kids


Congratulations to this year’s Y2Kids Essay Contest Winners! We wish you all a brilliant future.

"What I Want To Be When I Grow Up"

I have known I want to be a performer ever since I can remember. There is a sort of pride I take in getting on stage… I do all I can and jump at every chance I can to perform. For music, I taught myself how to play the guitar. I really set high standards for myself and want to achieve all my goals.

Jade I. – Grade 7/Crispell Middle School

A dermatologist takes care of diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair and nails...I was under the care of a Dermatologist and I became more interested in this profession seeing how simple changes in my skin care helped me. As a patient with very sensitive skin I realize my interest in science and research would be very helpful to me and others.

Courteney M. – Grade 6/Marlboro Middle School

A Forensic Anthropologist works with the FBI and investigates crime scenes. They also work in a lab. I want this job because you get to work on different crime scenes. I also want this job because I find it very interesting… To make this a reality I will stay with it and work hard.

Ariana C. – Grade 5/Little Britain Elementary

I know that I will have work hard to get into the Air Force. I plan on working at Stewart National Guard (Air Force Base) with my two uncles and aunt. I will work hard to get good grades in school… I can’t wait to join the Air Force and serve my country.

Skye C. – Grade 7/Crispell Middle School

What I really want to be is an officer in the United States Army. One reason I want to join is because my dad is in the Army and I look up to him… I want to be part of the Army Engineering Corps because I find the subject fascinating… I marvel at the advancements we have made over the years such as laser-guided missiles and satellite coverage.

Aiden H. – Grade 6/West Point Middle School

My first choice would be a biomedical engineer. A biomedical engineer makes prosthetics and artificial organs. My second choice is to work as a pyrotechnic. A pyrotechnic works with explosives and chemicals that react with each other to make fire or fireworks… In order to get one of them I will try my very best in my classes. If I can do better in class I can do better in life.

Tyler J. – Grade 8/Greenwood Lake Middle School

Look, I see an elephant! Cool, a tiger! Wow, a Burmese python... I would like to bea Wildlife Conservationist who studies plants and animals… A wildlife conservationist strives to save the wild areas of the world still remaining. They study plants and animals and have been saving the worlds greatest national wonders… I have a dream, and that may change the world forever.

Angela S. – Grade 5/Little Britain Elementary

When adults ask this question they are expecting something like “veterinarian” or “astronaut.” I must say though, when I grow up, the only things I could honestly hope to be are happy, loved and wise… In life so many random things matter to different people, at different times, in different places, but this just makes for a fun ride that I plan to enjoy.

Caitlyn S. – Grade 6/West Point Middle School

An author. You may ask why… I love to write. It’s my passion. I use my imagination, thinking of stories of all genres that could be created if I just made them happen… As I grow older, my ideas, along with my stories, will grow… Just think, you might see one of my books on a shelf at a bookstore one day.

Hannah S. – Grade 6/Marlboro Middle School

I want to be a veterinarian. I really love animals and always wanted to help them when they’re in pain. I’ve grown up with animals my whole life. I decided I wanted to be a vet when I volunteered in an animal shelter with my grandma about two years ago. I’ve been volunteering there ever since.

Michelle C. – Grade 8/Greenwood Lake Middle School

A LEGO designer must think outside the box, or better yet, have no box at all. They must have the capacity to adapt to changing audiences, and fulfill both their own and the company’s needs. They must cope with price points, level of complexity, overall appearance, and yes, practicality. This is not why I want the job. It is excitement that drives my aspirations, not hindrances— creativity, not constraints— curiosity, not certainty.

William S. – Grade 6/West Point Middle School

I want to be a police officer because I want to help people that are in harms way. If I do become a police officer I would just love the satisfaction of doing good for the world… it would be a job that helps millions. It would be tough to become a police officer. But what can I say, I like challenges.

Brody W. – Grade 7/Crispell Middle School

A small glimpse into the future can be enough to stay focused and on track through high school!

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