The Art of Hair Cuts and Margaritas

There is a loyalty factor when it comes to our beauty routine ; salons in particular. For instance, I Love Main St. Cutters in Cornwall, and I would never cheat on my stylist, Kristen - but I still look around now and then to see what my options are.  Call it browsing or curiosity - it's just my nature - and so long as I never go through with it, say let someone else take a scissor to my head it's doesn't count! Sounds like a relationship status, doesn't it?  It practically is.  For most women and some men a salon stylist is their most trusted advisor.   The bonding over the buzz of clippers and tears of joy over highlighting-gone- right are important moments with lasting implications. There is a trust which develops between client and professional that both parties depend on.  I'm counting on Kristen to tell me that the drastic cut-it-all-off idea is emotional - and she will of course, talk me out of it. That's why she's holding the scissors! I know what I'll be spending to get the look I want and Kristen  is anticpating my return in 6-8 weeks. It's a dance that we do. If I come to her with the scent of strange shampoo or a cut she doesn't recognize, I can expect an "accidental" pink streak in my hair.


 waiting room art of hair

But, occasionally I am distracted by a neon sign or a salon story from a friend that interests me to the point of wanting to see what else is out there. Being that we're all so loyal and curious at the same time, I was tossing the idea around of how to break down barriers and all be friends which under the circumstances sounds impossible.  But, not so!

Art of Hair staff

Smiling Faces of THE aRT OF HAIR staff

Thanks to Michelle Iorio and her innovative salon, 'The aRT Of HaiR' it turns out two salons are better than one. Michelle is to my artistic friend Theresa what Kristen is to me. (That was good SAT prep for all of you highschoolers).  Michelle was also contemplating how to break down barriers when she stumbled upon an idea which she named, "Margarita Monday." (21+ only please!)

Margarita Monday

The idea, which met great success in July when she first tried it out, was to invite a group of girls to an evening of mixed drinks and a hair tutorial (July was Up-do) in the salon after hours. A solid group of girls (bring-a-friend premise) gathered around with a drink in one hand an a brush in the other to learn a wonderful technique on how to beat the summer heat!  ($35 for two friends and lots of Margaritas!). It's a perfectly wonderful way to expand your horizons and your group of friends!

Michelle Iorio Business Card

A great way to find out about upcoming events at THE aRT OF HAIR is to sign-up for their specials You can also watch for upcoming events on our social calendar -    In the spirit of loyalty, Happy Hudson Valley wants to know : what salon do you swear by?        

alon pictures: THE aRT OF HAIR @their new Newburgh waterfront location!