The Art, Music and Eccentricity of the Coffee Shoppe in Beacon

publish date: March 2012

Brian Murnane (26) and Duval Culpepper (25) are serving up a little something extra in their Café Machiato.  The machination that's brewing in this wifi-enabled vintageesque cafe is a combination of gathering of the Beacon artist vibes mixed with the never-say-die entrepreneurial spirit of a two-man team with youthful ideas on their side.

Yes, the organic bold roast they boast by Mocha Joe is a fan favorite among patrons, along with Rishi organic tea. But, it's the philosophy of the place and the events related to it that are creating a certain cult-classic appeal at 453 Main St. in Beacon drawing in a faithful crowd week after week.

For instance, Wednesday March 21 at 10pm the video Odysseus' Everything Is Terrible will present their video/stage show performance of 'Doggie Woggies Poochie Woochiez'. What did we say? No idea. But it promises to be a surreal experience - in the vein of what is typical at The Shoppe - unexpected interpretations of art imitating life.

happy empanada

Did we mention the home made smoothies, muffins, empanadas and soups available daily?

Delicious and affordable $2.50 - $4.95 + tax

We got to try to a sweet and spicy chicken pulled-to-perfection empanada hot out of the oven.

We will be back for more!

Brian likes to make you coffee!

Brian has 9 years as a Beacon Bistro under his belt. He has developed an ethereal style that he delivers to the staff with a firm and experienced hand. Duval brings a playfulness to the project. He literally took the scenic route on the Hudson River Line North to Beacon from his hometown of Harlem. The tag team of the two twenty-semethings makes for a wonderful vibe void of insularity.

Duval wants you to come chill at the Coffee Shoppe, too

An artist reception is happening on Saturday at 6pm - the display will feature a dozen Newburgh and Beacon artists in combination with musical enhancements. A few bands are also lined up to play - expect the usual cheese and crackers and plan on trying something yummy from their bakery case. If you go - 453 Main St. In Beacon and while you're there eye up the Beacon Theatre (3 doors down). This highly anitipcated tourist attraction is icing on the cupcake for the Coffee Shoppe open 7-days-a-week. Their Saturday hours go 'till midnight making them a great evening option as well as a day time jump starter.  More, please!


December 2012 Update: the Shoppe is closed.