Basket Brigade Delivers Food & Happiness to Hudson Valley Residents

The Hudson Valley Basket Brigade is just weeks away from its annual initiative to help struggling families in the area. What began as a decision by one person to help one or two families has grown into an annual initiative that brings people together to help their community. Now in its third year, volunteers take to the streets each November to hand deliver baskets full of food in a kind gesture intended to say, "Your community cares about you. You are not alone."

The Hudson Valley Basket Brigade is part of the International Basket Brigade, which hand delivers food to feed an estimated two million people every year. The brigade is a local outgrowth of the I am Jean Elie project, founded by local resident Anthony Church to help shine a light on the message that can be learned from four-year-old Jean Elie in Haiti who repeatedly gave the only food he had to help feed his hungry family and eventually died as a result of the effects of malnutrition.

“The I am Jean Elie Hudson Valley Basket Brigade is a way for families, teams, and groups to get involved in an annual tradition of giving. There are four ways to help. Donate food at one of our drop off locations, make a tax deductible donation online, register to attend the event, or share a link to the site and encourage others to get involved. This is all about “passing it on” just like Jean Elie passed on his food to help others,” Church said.

Anyone interested in helping can go to