Beacon's Four-Legged Friends have their Moment at the 6th Annual Beacon Barks

Dog Lovers and their Four-Legged Friends lined Main St. in Beacon for the 6th annual Beacon Barks Parade on Saturday, April 28th, 2012.  Main St. Beacon was closed to traffic in order to bring an estimated 4,000 people and 600 dogs up the parade-route into the refined business district.

The jubilee brought 65 vendors to the sidewalks - Beacon eateries were well represented among them selling everything from nachos and pretzels to the famous Zora Dora fruit Pops and lunch options by the Cup and Saucer. I got to try tomato soup with a delicious walnut cranberry salad by Crumb bakery. Loved it! and the lime green chairs inside...

Photo by Rebekah Nemethy (Reflective Photos, LLC)

Dog related services like Top Notch Dog Training were in attendance as well as Furry Tails Grooming. A big thank-you to Middlehope Veterinary Hospital for all of their doggie-demonstrations like canine flyball and frisbee tricks.  The Beacon Barkery (co-sponsor of the event) had lines out the door for their canine bakery, clothing and functional pet items. Barkery owner Libby Faison was able to bring Celebrity Dog Expert - Jorge Bendersky to the event for an afternoon Q & A.

This definitely demonstrates Beacon as the most pet-friendly town around. Such a great event for shopping, eating and meeting people.

Brooklyn is a beautiful Maltese Rescue

Approximately 18 shelters/rescue groups were represented at the event. I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Brooklyn, a 2 and-a-half-year-old Maltese rescue. Her loving mom Ellen from Yorktown gave me this web address for a collective of people interested in saving animals from an uncertain future.  Brooklyn and many of the dogs at the parade were rescues and mixed-breeds trotting happily along-side their loving families.

Stephanie and Erica for were at the event representing with young Max (photo shown below). Stephanie was there to educate people about the Pit Bull breed- often criticized and negatively portrayed in the news. She reasoned that they're a people-loving breed by nature and even used in some kinds of therapy. This particular program places rescued Pit Bulls with foster families.

Max is very lovable!

The Beacon tradition was made extra special by the Friends of Beacon Dog Park initiative. Project President, Jeff McHugh filled us in saying that proceeds from raffles, contests and donation jars are being shared with the project - a fund that was 50% accumulated to date.  The opening date for the park - inspired by Manhattan's pet-friendly accommodations - is tentatively Summer 2012. Article by Stefanie Pearl Awesome photos by Rebekah Nemethy - Reflective Photos, LLC