Beautiful Day Alternative to Government Shut-Down

I heard a rumor that Tuesday, October 1 may bring disappointment to "non-essntial" federal government workers. Please let the record show that we consider all employees of the federal government 'essential', but no one asked us! I watched CNN for an entire hour on the treadmill and I still cannot tell you why this stalemate/stalwart/stone wall force is strong arming the US into a detriment of cease work in a post-economic-collapse-economy but no one pays me the big bucks to guess at it. So instead I'll do the thing I do best and offer an alternative.. 

I did my homework for you guys. What follows is a first-hand account of the perfect place to spend a beautiful fall day (besides apple picking/hiking/kayaking/walking down Main St.) all of which, minus the federal parks, will still be available to You in the event of government shut down. Forget all that and be humbled and awakened by the vast beauty of Storm King Mountain Art Center. 

Weather report: sunny with a high of 80 degrees. All Day. No chance of rain. 

Call it a gift. 

Have you been there? I've lived here almost 30 years, and I never have! Saturday (finally!) I took the trolley tour of the grounds. It was round trip 40 minutes through the scenery of the private park with a spoken narration giving insight to the artwork on the grounds. I can't believe I've never done this before. 

Observe orange tinge at the tops of the trees near the open air museum entrance where 500 acres of rolling mountainous views are home to over 100 sculptures. Some of the pieces are well traveled so catch them while you can, including one by abstract impressionist sculptor Mark di Suvero currently on share with San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art.

The west side of the park is heavily adorned with his larger-than-life pieces. 

The sculptures are subject to constant change: light, weather and the seasons making each visit unique. 

Household memberships are $75 - money well spent if you plan to enjoy yoga on Saturday mornings.

Members enter the park year-round for free.


Some of the pieces bear the markings of the welding process, recording accurately the action of the artwork. This progressive tactic can be easily viewed on the three-legged-Buddha piece in the south field.

 (not shown)

As the last of the queen ann's lace bow down gracefully to fall's arrival, find yourself peering in to a curious gallant world of towering sensation and skyscraper sized imagination. Storm King Art Center, a gift to the community from the Stern family, is something that must be seen to be believed. Bikes are also available for $10 for adventurous types who want to wander off the path. An 11 acre wave field by artist Maya Lin was recently covered by the New York Times.

Ms. Lin’s ambitious piece, “Storm King Wavefield,” was commissioned by the center, and installation of it, under the supervision of David R. Collens, an artist and Storm King’s director, began two years ago. Set in a shallow, amphitheaterlike depression, once a gravel pit supplying material for the Thruway, it covers 11 acres. Its seven parallel rows of rolling, swelling peaks were inspired by the forms of midocean waves but echo the mountains and hills around them.

((CORRECTION)) Park hours are Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm. So maybe Tuesday refer back to paragraph two.. and for now enjoy this fantastic fall photos and should the shut down impede further into your week, you'll know what to do! 


Adults $12:
Senior Citizens (65 and older) $10
College Students (with valid id) $8
Students (K-12) $8
Children under 5 Free
Members Free