The Beginning and the End of a Season

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday celebration - cheers to the Spring time and its splendid festivities. Whether it be Easter, Passover or Spring Break that brought you joy, it is truly an American mindset that allows for the pure abandon of a week-long vacation - long live those liberties!! For those of you who stole an extra day of vaca (I mean YOU mr. playing hooky at Yankee stadium) make it count. For everyone else who is back to their grind—as I am—keep the memories of sweet wine on your lips and chocolate bunnies in your belly for as absolutely long as possible! 

There were many celebrations throughout the Hudson Valley over the last few weeks - one of our favorites was a massive turnout of children, furry animals and pinstriped eggs at Renegades Stadium. Rock Zolzer - director of special events at the stadium - said Super Saturday 2013 which doubled as ticket office opening day was the biggest yet at the Dutch!

While the children filled the outfield, the parents lined up at the box office to make their season ticket purchases for the 2013 season. 'Super Saturday' was followed up with a spectacular Sunday evening Wall-To-Wall comedy night at Arbor Ridge featuring local comedians like WPDH’s Coop, Jody Lee—still fresh off her lap out of the winner's circle following her previous night win at 'Coop's Comedy Search'— and local comedian Daniel McRitchie.  Rich Shultis and Mark Vierra were also in attendance. Adding to the prestige of the evening was the auctioning of 5 impressive items including a golf ball signed by President Bill Clinton and a signed Batman photo by the infamous Jack Nicholson.

The comedy event was a benefit for the Renegade's community outreach program Pitch for Kids.*


* The Renegades Pitch For Kids was created to give back to the community, specifically the children and families of the Hudson Valley. With annual fundraising events, memorabilia auctions, and in-stadium raffles, Pitch For Kids has raised close to $250,000. The events have provided businesses and residents of the Hudson Valley the chance to have fun and come together to help better their community. The project allows for the distribution of grants to local non-profit organizations like Child Abuse Prevention Center, The Phoenix House Poughkeepsie, D.A.R.E., St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Dutchess & Orange County, plus many more.

Want more info? call the program director at (845) 838-0094 ext. 251 or by e-mail at


Photos by Jon Valle

Happy Opening Day to MLB Fans !!!!!!!!!!!!