Best Lunch Deal in Town at Double O Grill

Looking for some where local and lovely to dine for lunch? Double O Grill in Wappingers is a dining experience well worth the money, especially if your picking your selection from the Lunch Specials Menu. Generous portions and a long list and variety of delicious options make Double O a great choice. Every meal starts with a basket of home made bread with a tomato salsa spread. I could have filled up on that alone! Then, I had the House Salad and Soup. It came with practically a gallon of Balsamic Vinaigrette alongside a bowl of soup that went on for days.  The lightly seasoned White Bean and Chicken Soup paired perfectly with mixed greens, shredded carrots and endive. The seasonably tasteful Creamy Acorn Squash, another great choice was also on the menu.

What was the price tag on this fill-me-up dish?  

Soup and a Salad for One : $5.90 + tax.

Two of us filled up on Lunch for $12.87 plus tip!  

Double O Grill Website :
1536 Rt 9 Wappingers Falls

Article by Lolita Sage

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