Big Dreams Come True for Little Hailey and the Korpai Family

Thursday, August 18th Darlene and Jimmy Korpai got a knock on the door that would change their lives forever. The Crawford family was one of five in contention for the ultimate reality show prize—a Home Makeover Hollywood style. The dream would come true for the parents of Hailey (5) and Hudson (1) with the help of a few thousand friends and the Extreme Team over the next week. Meet the Korpai’s

Maybe you were one of over 50 companies that donated materials and resources to the enormous undertaking. Or, you might have been one of the 2,500 volunteers rotated over 24 hour shifts, during a week of unrelenting construct of the state-of-the art home and it's conference center adjunct. Maybe you were one of the 400 ready-to-work people who were wait listed. Whether you had them in your prayers or donated to the $70,000 build fund the Korpai family is forever grateful. 

The episode aired Sunday October 16th —150 community members made it out to Pine Bush high school to watch the show air live together with the Korpai clan.  Hailey hung out mostly in Mom’s arms, but the smile never came off of her face as she blew kisses to each and every person walking in to the auditorium.  The blond charmer did not miss her cue to delight a waiting audience in a speech just before the premier, “I just want to tell you, you mean so much to me and my family. I love you and thank you for building me a new home!”. Hailey, born with a form of dwarfism has been gifted the new living accommodations to make everyday processes accessible to her. Parents Jimmy and Darlene were brought to tears time and time again over the thought of finding a way to let Hailey's 5 year-old independence shine through.  The show over delivered as scripted with a breathtaking one story house complete with extensive customizations meant for Hailey's convenience at any size. 

New Home for the Korpai Family

Cornwall Design Studio Center Line put together this fairy tale bedroom for Hailey—a pink princess haven adorned with Minnie Mouse (her favorite).  Design implementations had windows down to 18" off the floor, allowing Hailey to see out.  Small but important details like turning lights on and off were specifically designed to be within her reach. TLC's Jen and Bill, stars of "The Little Couple, and Matt Roloff from "Little People Big World" had cameo appearances on site, and contributed to the overall concept of the home.  The kitchen has a customizable platform center that will allow Hailey to stand at the counter alongside Mom as they make dinner together.

Hailey's Room

Room by Center Line Studios

The hope for the project is to create normalcy for Hailey so that the trials of her dwarfism don't overshadowing her right to happiness. Experiences in school involving ridicule and misunderstanding by her peers have brought the family to tears. Mom has been creative in her explanations, saying things like, "Don't let anyone steal your day" and leveling the playingfield on the concept of beauty by using flowers in the garden to compare large and small as equally lovely.  As a bonus the Extreme Makeover team went to Hailey's school to help educate some of her peers about drawfism to help make her transition into Kindergarten easier. Stream the Entire Episode Online Here: An estimated 12 million Americans tuned in to see this precious story unfold last night. An estimated 1 billion will witness the strength of the Orange County, New York community as the Korpai family episode airs worldwide through ABC in syndication.  What a testament to the strength and hope of our little corner of the world. Find out more about Dwarfism on the Korpai’s informational site which EMHE helped launch:

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  Article By : Stefanie Pearl