Breaking Ground: Area Growth Projects Announced

I've heard it echoing now since the Mid-December announcement: some bets were hedged on an Orange County casino. It was a looming possibility held on the table with one million dollar applications. Since then, the Gaming Commission has ruled downstate out of the equation, citing a blockade to upstate success. I won't get political, but I am wondering, if geography - an immovable obstacle - was in play, why did they accept those proposals? 

The entry way at Crystal Run Healthcare Newburgh, coming July 2015

Separately, though, in 2014 there were two major announcements locally that will significantly impact our local economy. Crystal Run Healthcare broke ground on their new facility on route 300 and announced a July 2015 opening. And, the Loop shopping center held a press conference to tell of their major retail plans just a few miles down the road across from the Newburgh Mall. 

The Loop Hudson Valley by Wilder Companies out of Boston is proposing a 650,000 square foot retail, entertainment, dining open-air pedestrian friendly mall to include Dick's, BJ's Wholesale Club and more.. According to the developer the project will bring 1,000 construction jobs, 1,000 management and sales positions when the mall opens as well as a projected $1 Million yearly in local contracts. Look for the Loop late 2016.

Meanwhile, Crystal Run’s Managing Partner and CEO, Hal Teitelbaum MD, JD, MBA and other dignitaries attended a ceremonial dirt toss in October. In an announcement there, the public learned about the new 66,000 square foot facility currently under construction on Route 300 in Newburgh. The building is at the cutting-edge of medicine and technology, and will be the region’s most innovative medical facility. This completely new model will feature:

  • More than 20 Specialties
  • Two-room Endoscopy Suite
  • Infusion Center
  • Urgent Care
  • Diagnostic Testing Services Including:
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Diagnostic Imaging: MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound & Echocardiography
  • Women’s Imaging: Mammography, Ultrasound, & Bone Density 


Michelle Koury, MD (Left), Hal Teitelbaum MD, JD, MBA (Center), Senator William Larkin (Right)

On NPR this morning, predictions were favorable for the comeback of the US Dollar in 2015. 

What do you think?