Broadway Starlet's Quiet Return to the Local Stage

Terry Pulido-Poliakoff -- owner and operator of The Acting Out Playhouse -- started her performance company in response to Hurricane Katrina ten summers ago. The then named CPR - Children Performing for Relief - successfully raised $2,500 for students effected by the natural disaster in New Orleans. In the process Terry realized she had the right background in directing and choreography to start something exciting for children in Orange County. 

"During the project it became clear that the positive effect on the children was immeasurable. Life skills were built, empathy and teamwork were taught, and a sense of pride and accomplishment," said Terry.

The Acting Out Playhouse has produced over 30 full-scale productions in small black box stages and larger spaces such as Orange Hall Theatre at SUNY Orange. She has met, encouraged and worked with many children along the way including one young talented starlet who found her voice at AOP.

Ripley Sobo came to the program when she was 5 -- that was 7 years ago. She made her debut in Beauty and the Beast, and Mom and Terry both agreed that Ripley had a talent that needed to be nursed.  Fast forward to 2013 when Ripley Sobo made her way to the Broadway stage as Matilda....


"I was her first teacher," said Terry. "Seeing Matilda, I cried. I was stunned, I was overwhelmed; it was really quite exciting."

And Ripley—with Mom by her side—makes a quiet return to Middletown each summer to partake in the Acting out Playhouse and visit her friends. The summer camp program -- now in serious final rehearsals for Seussical The Musical, Jr. -- will be performed on Saturday, July 18th.

Additionally, a professional workshop ahead of Saturday's performance will feature Ripley's talent manager Terry Saperstein. The two-hour event includes an in-depth information about the business of acting and theater arts, reading critiques, stage advice and headshots and resume review. Plus, Ripley Sobo will discuss the inner workings of show business including how to audition, and get your homework done. Her Mom, Ahn Sobo, will talk about the parenting side of stage life and what it takes to bring your child into the professional world of acting.

Terry Saperstein has been a successful talent manager for the past 37 years.  She owns Nani/Saperstein Management, where she and her team have discovered great young artists and continue to guide their impressive careers.  Her clients have benefited from Terry's support, guidance and industry savvy and have booked incredible lead roles in movies, TV and theatre.    

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  • The workshop will be held on Saturday July 18, 2:30-4:30 pm. at SUNY Orange's, ORANGE HALL THEATRE 
  • Please bring your child's headshot and resume.  They will be submitted to Nani/Saperstein Management (although there is no guarantee of an interview).  
  • Show payment voucher at "Seussical Jr" for $5 discount off two tickets. Show starts at 7:30 and you can see RIPLEY and her other talented cast mates perform.

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