The Cake Bin Bakery - 40 Years of Delicious

This quaint little bakery is brimming with stacks of delicious cookies.  Apple Butter, Coconut Macaroons, Ruggalach and Butter Cookies line up in trays - shelf upon shelf - in an assortment of sizes and colors. This case probably looks familiar. The Cake Bin has been a pastry destination for local residents for almost 40 years. Professional baker, Giulio (Joo-lee-oh) is a first generation American, having spent the first 16 years of his life in Italy. His is truly an Italian bakery.

“You know the cake boss?” he asks, “That’s me, I can do all of that stuff, too.”

He's not missing the mark completely,  in August 2010 he famously fried a 7’ long cannoli shell in an effort to make the world’s largest cannoli.  The story made headlines and the cannoli ended up winning! He proudly displays the Guiness Book victory on his bakery shop wall.

The longtime location of the Cake Bin on Rt 17K was a familiar stride for many families, especially during holidays.  Giulio has many wonderful customers, but few that are better known than Madonna, who receives holiday cookies from the Cake Bin. Giulio has seen many businesses come and go: Hangar One, Curves, Ames, several restaurants and others, but the Cake Bin was standing like a tradition that refused the test of time.

Even a tradition like the Cake Bin faces challenges in a recession. And so it was, following a management dispute the longtime tenant decided to try his luck in Beacon. It seems to have happened suddenly, so if you’re looking for the Cake Bin and Giulio’s familiar face you will need to cross the bridge. But, change can be good. The new free-standing bakery location is an upgrade in terms of space and design. Returning customers will feel at home when they see that the set-up parallels the familiarity of the original shop. And, this career baker shows no signs of slowing down.

" People say,' Isn’t it time to retire?' I say, no! Why not do what you love to do.”

The Cake Bin opens at 6am


Giulio may seem a little eccentric, but why not?  The man is a prolific baker. 40 years later, he still starts his day at 5am and goes through 300lbs of flour a week - that’s 592,800 career pounds! The Cake Bin is open 7 days a week – 6am-9pm Mon-Sat and 8am-3pm Sunday.

Cake Bin Bakery
441 Fishkill Ave
Beacon, NY 12508


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