Call for Help! at Extreme Makeover Home Edition Pep Rally

The thrill of “Lights, camera, action” was buzzing at the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Pep Rally on Thursday. People turned up by the hundreds with canned goods in hand to hear the preliminary narrative on the project as a whole. The Rally set the tone for what’s sure to be a larger-than-life Hollywoodesque experience for all involved.  Spectators were treated to a series of celebrity guest speakers including Kacey from 100.7 WHUD’s morning show; Executive Producer of EMHE, Milan Vasic; Orange County Executive, Edward Diana; reps from the college and others. Friends like Rookie from HV Renegades and the Liberty Bells were there to share in some singing and fun. Miss NY International even joined the Strictly Ballroom dancers on the Pep Rally floor. Chris O'Leary Band opened the evening  and Voices of Glory (as seen on America's Got Talent) rounded out the show. The logistics are still something of a mystery to everyone, the name of the family is still under lock and key – the only known fact is that the house is in Orange County and that information is based on some legal avenues that had to be covered in accordance with permits and neighborhood planning.

Jennifer Ferris - Miss NY World Int'l

Upwards of 400 skilled volunteers will be closely involved in the building of the surprise home that is being gifted next week. Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood isn’t going to swoop in and save the day. They’re calling for a massive response of volunteers, skilled laborers, donations of time and products. The payout for this philanthropy Iin addition to that wonderful feeling that comes with generosity) is massive exposure. The show airs in 185 countries and is translated into 58 languages. That’s one billion people that may get to see your smiling, volunteering face!

If you’re thinking about getting involved as a volunteer:

Rookie in his Dance Pants

The immense responsibility for building the house was handed  to Andy Stahl from Hearthstone Contractors in Washingtonville. The basic concept is a little hard to grasp: a house will be demolished and newly constructed in 12 hours shifts over 4.5 days. The whole project takes a week, but there is time allotted for decorating, moving in furniture and perfecting the finishing touches. So the actual construct happens almost overnight. Some of the items they called for were lumber, shovels, brooms, tarps, lap tops, gift cards to hardware stores, acrylic and plexi glass as well as indoor plants. Some of the skills they are in search of are carpenters, custom framers, photographers, seamstress, florist, bakery, metal fabricators, and mixed media artists.

 Full List:

At last count there were about 1,000 volunteers already lined up, but we’re making miracles here, so that calls for closer to  3,000 people in total. If you’re not familiar with the show, become familiar. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is an inspired take on reality TV.   The program is entering it’s 9th season, and this lucky family was picked out of a national pile of 300,000 applicants. Families are often dealing with a run of bad luck and celebrities have been known to crash the Extreme Makeover Party.  Happy Hudson Valley wants to know :  What contribution are you making to the project?