Can There be Happiness at a Time Like This?

Happy Hudson Valley is moving to Monday * Wednesday * Friday format to keep up with all the good news out there! We are adding a "Music" category to our social calendar which we're very excited about! So now you can get your community events, your kid friendly events, your happy-hour specials and upcoming shows on Happy Hudson Valley! I realize there is a lot of bad news out there. I have a TV, and watch it - and dislike so many of the things I see.  It's amazing what the media can do. While they seek to be unbiased, they tend to steer us into a state of disbelief and disappointment. Day after Day after Day. I'm not attacking any journalists in general or particular, but I do think the media has an opinion and that they voice it often, right now it's the voice of disparage. Maybe they're not aware of the catastrophic impact it has on the morale of people. Maybe they're far too caught up in the world's events to see that what people need right now is to be cheered up. The Hudson Valley is a working class community. We have a lot to offer in our corner of the world. I see us as a champion fighter in an underdog's clothes. We are a spirited bunch with talent, dedication and skill on our side.  We are families trying to set the stage for a lifetime of happiness for ourselves and our children. We are highschool graduates preparing the enter the world of college or career. We are young adults on the hunt for true love and four walls to dwell in. We are artists, musicians and dreamers, filling our lives and the lives of others with the intrigue of light and sound and color. We are a landscape that parallels most national treasures of beauty. We are funny, we are friendly and we are bonded in a way only NY'ers are.

Happy Hudson Valley is a gift to this community.

  • We want to feature all of these uplifting stories, the will to survive and the taking of chances.
  • We want to add your community events to our calendar.
  • We want to visit you at work and hear your story of struggle and success.
  • We want to share your concert and your art gallery on our custom-built social calendar.
  • We want to make you laugh and we are looking for hilarious submissions that fit the LoL criteria.
  • We want to know what your kids are doing in these wonderful schools that we have.

We are serious about Happiness and we believe it is unattainable.

Replace your morning cup of coffee news break with a five minute Happy Hudson Valley interlude. Pick out something on the calendar for this up-coming weekend (or the next) that sounds like fun. Give it a shot. Try geocaching on your afternoon errands.

We want to know as we enter this next week,  how do you define happiness?