A Challenge for Improved Happiness in 2012

Happy 2012! Hopefully your holidays were filled with joy, freshly baked cookies and the comfort of family and friends. I have been asking myself why starting over on January 1 feels like getting another chance to begin again even though time rolls along unaffected by the turn of a calendar page. The clean slate of a new year is like the tide on the shore line, sun shining over the constant ebb and flow of an operatic principle of natural self-governance. Tiny objects glistening in the sand, treasures near the footsteps of exploration. The metaphorical application of the miraculous polarity of macro & micro.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the many people that have become a part of the Happy Hudson Valley project: readers, contributors, collaborators, advertisers and featured members of our community. We thank you and assure you that we will strive for excellence and adaptation in the year to come. The plan is to spend the rest of the year giving proof of how high we rate on the happiness scale in the Hudson Valley, but just for today I'd like to define the role that it plays. This is why we do what we do.

Happiness  is generally elusive, but also attainable. It is pertinent to the development and sustainability of each household, neighborhood and facet of our community. The relevance is in the symbolic and literal pursuit of happiness. That community is representative of American culture as a whole in a world that follows our lead.

In my pursuit of happiness as a theme, I have found it abounds. It is what drives us, what inspires us and what defines us.  Happiness fuels the inner beauty of our thorough wish. Commonly, the hope for something better, the strive for excellence and the thrill of accomplishment.  Happiness lives in the comprehension of these small miracles which we are already in possession of.  If you allow these things to sustain Your happiness entirely, the  joys in life are endless.

I challenge you to a year of improved happiness. If that means planning a trip, learning a new language, picking up a class or picking up a weight * do it. Make time to do it. Where there is a problem, I offer the idea that there is a solution. Work on overcoming the obstacles that prevent Your personal growth and operationability*.  Define your goals. Focus on the positive and work to keep things in perspective. Be conscious that the harshness you judge yourself with is not an absolute. Keep moving forward, keep watching your children grow, keep reading and planning and wanting. Audition, teach, dream, live, love, lust for life and play-on! Happiness is attainable, be happy.

Managing Editor, Lolita Sage

*Made up Word = combination of operation and ability = ability to operate.